CashDorado Eyeing the International Market

John Stuart
The webmaster affiliate program, CashDorado, was launched in 2008 with marching orders to promote and distribute content that previously had been available only in the German-speaking countries of Europe. In that short time the new outfit has exceeded all expectations, not only selling the content internationally, but creating its own special brand of content.

‘We specialize in live cams,” says the affiliate manager spokesman for CashDorado. “We do a lot of studio live cams and streaming. Our cooperate company in Germany handles everything from producing to streaming and we are licensed to distribute the content.”

The CashDorado content continues to be shot mostly in Europe. The company has made a point of finding fresh new faces for its model contingent, and also has come up with some interesting twists in its reality niche productions.

“We use different stories,” the spokesman says. “For example, we have one that’s about squirting, in which a guy teaches the girls how to squirt. Another story is about a room for rent in which the girls pay with what they do best. In all, we have nine different labels, including Internet dating, public sex, and first anal experiences, with up to 200 scenes for each label. We’re also updating at least one of the labels every day. This is what people appreciate about our content.”

Since many of the CashDorado offerings are shot in the German language, some non-German customers have had trouble understanding the story line. CashDorado is responding to these customers by adding subtitles to its productions very soon.

“We have one called, which is a voyeur tanning salon,” the spokesman explains. “We actually own the tanning salon with six tanning beds. We put three cameras in each bed, one in the cabin, one at the head and one at the foot. We also have cameras to track people coming in the front entrance doorway. If the viewer likes the girl, he can follow her and watch her undress. It’s a very unique product for people with a voyeur fetish.”

The company shoots all of its own new content now, and strives hard to keep the quality high. CashDorado concentrates on producing in the three niches of reality, voyeurism and live cams. The latter niche is a studio live cam site called

“The very special thing about it is that people are not charged by the minute,” says the spokesman. “We only charge a flat fee. Customers can send their own private messages and send their own webcam streams from home to the models. It’s the customers decision to watch five to six minutes on every other cam site or spend the same amount of money for a whole month of fun provided 24/7 with FlatFeeCams.”

The most important recent innovation by CashDorado has been to combine all three of its content niches — live cams, voyeur content, and reality content — into a single site, called It contains just a single members’ area and charges customers a flat fee of $14.95. The customer and webmaster feedback that CashDorado has received from this gambit has been nothing short of amazing.

“Usually we get very good feedback,” the spokesman says, “especially regarding the niche we created with our voyeur content. They love, because it’s such a great converting site. If webmasters have customers who want to try to save money but still want to have access to cam sites, our product is successful here as well, since we charge only $14.95. They also appreciate our efforts to get customers to sign for very long memberships. We keep customers longer by not giving them cross-sales or up-sales. We’ve built a good reputation by always giving the customers the highest possible transparency. We also have very few charge-backs, so obviously people are satisfied with us. This encourages them to keep their memberships for a long time.”

Another reason why CashDorado is so popular with webmasters centers upon their personal service. The firm supplies direct support on an individual basis. The webmaster only needs to send an email with a request, and the CashDorado crew sees to fulfilling it personally.

Despite such a short tenure in the adult arena, the people at CashDorado have learned and applied some valuable lessons about what customers and webmasters want.

“We used to think that the adult business in Europe was very different from the adult business in America,” the spokesman admits. “That played a role in how we set up our product strategy. We set up different sites because we thought customers were used to that. For instance, we thought people would prefer having the reality pay site on its own, with one specific topic.

‘But we learned that giving customers a very large variety of content is a better strategy. This is what led to combining everything into Here the customer gets the live cams, the voyeur content and the reality movies. We also added a big section featuring other movies that CashDorado is licensed to distribute. This will be the key to long customer memberships.”

Among the other lessons learned in the short existence of CashDorado is that many of the customer preferences for certain niches in the German speaking nations are not that different from those of the rest of Europe and even the U.S.. For one, the spokesman claims that there was some surprise over the popularity of the public sex niche in international markets. This and other revelations are what spurred the creation of CashDorado to promote and distribute content that already has been distributed in the German-speaking market, doing so on an international scale.

“Since we had tons of content and knowhow,” says the spokesman, “we saw no reason to distribute it only in the German market.”

Clearly, the CashDorado gamble has paid off.


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