Hott Products

Ariana Rodriguez
In the late 80s hair bands ruled Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and the music scene. Hott Products Vice President Chris Post played a part in this spectacle as frontman for the southern rock-infused band Dillinger. In 1991, Dillinger released the “Horses and Hawgs” album. The video for their song “Home for Better Days” played on MTV and the band toured the nation. When the grunge scene set in many of these bands had to move on.

“When the hair band scene died I had to get a real job,” Post told XBIZ.

The early ‘90s also brought awareness to STDs with professional basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s announcement of having contracted HIV. Condom sales rose and Post got his first job as a Gold Coin condom salesman in 1992, followed by a stint selling flavored condoms at a company called Line 1. He ventured further into the adult novelty business with Pipedream Products until finally co-founding Hott Products with CEO Morris Abdelsayed in 2000. “Our goal is and was to invigorate the marketplace with fresh innovative products, along with Wal-Mart-style pricing,” Post said.

The company operates out of a 15,000 square foot facility in Chatsworth, Calif., with products shipped nationwide and internationally. Hott Products’ offerings span from adult goods like vibrators and enhancement products to mainstream goods like bachelorette party items or its Plump Kiss volumizing lip gloss.

“We offer a wide array of both adult and mainstream products, some of which can cross over into the drug store chains, such as Walgreens and Rite Aid, which are also some of our future potential conquests,” Post said.

The first-ever vibrating cock ring, the Humm Dinger and finger-sleeved bullet Frisky Fingers, are among Hott Products’ earliest products still offered today. Its newest additions include the Scorpion Dual Pleasure Vibe Extreme cock ring featuring three motors and the Professional Series of vibrators, which are cute, simple vibes silk-screened with faces and occupational outfits that include a doctor, policeman, fireman and judge.

The company’s Tongue Dinger vibrating tongue ring gained recognition after Jay Leno wore one on the “Tonight Show” about a year ago. However, Hott Products’ most famous item is the penis-shaped confection Dick Tarts, which was originally named Dick Tacs. A three year battle with Tic Tacs made the company change the name, Post said. Similarly, Hott Products’ Dicky Big Chug (a penis-shaped sports bottle) was originally named Dicky Big Gulp, but convenience store giant 7-11 wouldn’t have it.

As its main chain store distributor, Spencer Gifts offers many Hott Products’ items, including MacAweenie & Cheese (boxed penisshaped macaroni and cheese) and Rainbow Cockpops, which is among Spencer’s best-selling products. Post said the company sells about 500,000 boxes a year.

Hott Products’ edible offerings also include Chocolate Naughties, which are similar to M&Ms candies, Dicklicks and Titlicks gum and Dickie Light Pops — lollipops shaped like penises that light up.

“We sell mostly to distributors and large chain stores, but some ‘grandfathered,’ well-established smaller chain stores as well,” he added. “However, I would say to any customers or potential new customers when considering your purchase of any product, you would be wise to see if Hott Products offers it first, since you will definitely save money in your purchase. We also offer a more attractive saleable item in terms of packaging for your potential end customer.”

As the main creator and designer of Hott Products, Post said he draws inspiration for mainstream items, including children’s toys, and then compares it to what currently exists in the adult marketplace to find a unique product.

Hott Products’ packaging features brilliant colors and eye-catching designs, however what draws the customer to buy is its “Try Me Before You Buy Me” function that’s included in the product’s display if not on the packaging itself.

“We go the extra mile to let people know what stuff does,” Post said. “The box can be as bright and descriptive as possible but customers will walk away if they can’t actually see what it does.”

Other items, such as its Powerman Penis Enhancement Gel, feature elegant packaging that could easily be sitting on a countertop in a department store.

Other stimulants offered by Hott Products include the Orgasmix Orgasm Enhancment Gel, which is among the company’s original offerings, and Liquid Virgin tightening lube, which, according to Post, is among the company’s most popular items. While enhancement pills are not offered yet, Post said the company is working on an alternative — Libido Gum, which is currently in the process of production.

As a musician, Post said the creativity that influences his songwriting is also useful with product design. He currently is working on designs for a new series of three-speed vibrators that will part of the Elegant Series.

While bigger adult novelty companies will releases hundreds of products at a time, Post said he thinks doing so is a disservice to the industry — the market becomes flooded with similar products and it gets difficult for distributors and retailers to move the items.

“We take a scaled down, streamlined approach,” he said. “We want to grow but in the smart way … one that doesn’t bog down the industry.”

While marketing mainly to distributors and retailers through trade shows, magazines, online and phone calls, Hott Products also sells directly to customers through its website, which is still in its infancy.

Post said Hott Products is continuously growing and even with the sagging economy the company is celebrating a banner year.