New Kid in Town

Holly Randall
Since I launched HollyRandall.com about seven months ago, I’ve been voraciously devouring any and all online reviews on my website. Thankfully, overall they’ve been incredibly positive, with one main criticism that even the reviewer admits is understandable: the amount of content available.

Though I update five days a week (and plan to move to seven days a week in the near future) and at today’s count offer 138 photo sets and 82 videos, that doesn’t compare much to some of the mega sites that have been around for many years, including my own Suze.net. But I am growing every day, and I put a lot of money, time and effort into every set, so I’m proud of the quality that I offer. The quantity will get there eventually.

Which is perhaps why I found this one comment by a reviewer interesting: “But basically, the problem with [HollyRandall.com], in my little world, is that it’s got too much of too many kinds of things! And Holly does a good job at all this! It’s a marvel and it’s a shame at the same time.”

At first, I was a little confused by this, but flattered nonetheless. Then I realized that the reviewer was probably alluding to the wide variety of niches that I shoot for my site: glamour, fetish, stockings, MILF, smoking, hardcore, girl/girl, masturbation, softcore, et cetera. I understand this point, but I simply cannot help it — I love variety and I want to try shooting everything! Well, maybe not every niche (I could do without shooting bug squashing, scat porn, bukakkes — you get the idea), but I do like diversity. And of course being the ambitious person that I am, I want conquer each market. Call it delusions of grandeur, but that still won’t stop me.

Which brings me to the fetish niche, and the site I plan to launch specifically for it early next year. I have shot plenty of fetish sets over the 11 years I’ve worked at Suze.net, and I’ve even dabbled in the scene myself in my personal life. And really, I mean dabbled — I’m by no means an expert, and with the fetish community as discerning and tight-knit as it is, I’m a little afraid of my attempt to wade into these waters.

See, I kind of feel like the new kid in town, and the fetish community is the group of cool kids that I want to hang out with, but I’m not sure that they’ll accept me. Which is why I enlisted a good friend who is into the fetish scene to help me out with my recent shoot with Justine Joli and Scar. He was there, as he put it, to give me “street cred” and to ensure that I wasn’t going to pussy out (no pun intended) and shoot a boring vanilla scene. Both models are also very experienced in the fetish market, so really that left me (who’s supposed to be in charge here) as the student, and them as the teachers.

My friend brought along his assortment of very interesting toys, including my favorite: a gag with attachment capabilities. Basically you can screw an assortment of tools on the end of this gag, forcing the wearer to perform duties particular to the attachment with his/her mouth. It’s humiliation at it’s cleverest.

The attachments that were brought included a shoe shine brush and a toilet brush (eew!). I chose the ashtray. The idea was that Scar would patiently sit on her knees with this ashtray gag, while Justine sat smoking on her throne, ashing ever so often into her slave’s mouth-ashtray. Really, it’s a brilliant device, and I applaud the wonderfully sick individual who came up with it.

The other toy he brought was a blunt, metal hook with a rounded end, complete with a chain attached at the end. Its purpose is to stick the end of the (again, blunt) hook into an orifice, and use the chain to control the submissive in whichever manner preferred. I decided that we should cuff Scar on all fours to a spanking horse (a kind of leather bench with rings for attachment purposes) and have Justine stand in front of Scar’s face, effectively pulling the chain from over Scar’s back.

Then of course there was the cross for spanking purposes, and Justine made Scar count the smacks as she delivered them, which Scar did in that incredibly sexy, breathy voice of hers. It beautifully complemented the sound of the paddle slapping against Scar’s ivory white skin.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted but more than thrilled with what I knew was a wonderful, authentic and incredibly sexy shoot. Fetish is a little tiring because it’s such an involved process: it requires a host of equipment and complicated setups. And because it’s an intellectualized form of sex play it requires models who can truly fulfill their roles as either the domme or the sub.

Scar and Justine far exceeded my expectations (and those expectations were high!) and my friend was a great help, especially with the wonderful variety of toys he brought.

Because I have so much I have to produce in one day, I tend to find myself in a hurry quite often, which is why at times I felt frustrated with his methodical attention to detail. But despite my anxiety, I knew that the extra time spent would be well worth it, and that in the end I would be grateful for it.

And as I sit here, reviewing my photos and video from that day, I am proud of our work and I feel that my journey into the world of fetish eroticism may not be so daunting after all. Perhaps one day, I might even end up as one of the cool kids.


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