Webbilling in NATS3 – Easier than Ever

Joe D
There is no excuse for any NATS merchant to be leaving EU revenue on the table any longer! We’ve created step-by-step guides accompanied by detailed instructions and screenshots to integrate the Webbilling.com non-card payment solutions within their NATS software and add Webbilling to their cascades. The simplest paperwork in processing, and now an easy guided integration in both NATS3 & NATS4.

Utilize the Webbilling Real Direct Debit solution in the top European markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Austria. Give your company the power to offer limited-trial offers and free-trial periods, along with recurring billing, one-click joins and upsells, Pay-per-Anything and Cross-Sales – all are possible – along with customizable currency conversion capabilities and cancellation packages. No card of any kind is required of the user – no payment community to join – just Real Impulse Buying.

If you are operating on NATS and are not yet using Webbilling.com to increase your EU revenues, it is surely time to do so. It will take you no time at all and you are up and running. Please contact me for more information and to get the Guides.

For further information on utilizing Webbilling in NATS, please write me at: Marketing@Webbilling.com