Dabble & Diversify into Mainstream

Joe D

So I was talking to my best and oldest industry friend Kath about her success in dabbling and diversifying into mainstream endeavors over the years. She is well on now where mainstream interests overshadow everything else, and she recommends the trek. She definitely recommends you need to diversify and add multiple income opportunities to your portfolio. Find new ways to generate revenue and don’t rely on a single source for your income. With the ever-changing legal climate, new laws, regulations and billing restrictions always on the rise for ecommerce in general, and the government taking a harder look at the industry, webmasters especially need to be prepared for every contingency.

The sky is not falling, but it’s just common sense in the ‘prepare and succeed philosophy’ to plan well and remain viable in the ‘Net industries into the future. You need to continuously innovate, grow, evolve and adapt within the sweeping technological currents and public interest trends of be swept to the side. For example, if you work with only one type of product, and that product becomes illegal to sell in 38 out of 50 states next week – what will you do? Open your mind and your efforts to consider all business alternatives well served by your skill sets and research the opportunities so you will be able to survive anything thrown in your way.

Experienced business owners know you should never rely on one traffic source, one income stream, or one method of generating revenue. The Internet industries are no different. With all the changes online in the last few years, mainstream e-business is finally proving itself worthy of your time and effort ;-) There are lots of new opportunities to take advantage of as you plan your future track.

Diversifying your business by adding a mainstream or mainstream-adult-hybrid program to your portfolio will help you stay competitive within the ecommerce marketplace, and probably help with retention. It can also attract whole new demographics to your business and help you cross sell your traffic and profit from additional products. Non-adult alternative links on your exits may provide you all sorts of opportunities as you investigate and experiment further.

Remember, your initial new endeavor does not have to be a BIG project – or a large investment. Think about the fact that many webmasters and program owners will tell you how they increased their incomes simply by adding an alternative payment method or an additional language for their users. Striking out into mainstream works along the same lines, and can result in increases of 5-30% across the board just like the payment and language examples. More on this to come…

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