Ammunition Reload

Ariana Rodriguez
Empowered Products is beefing up its battery of Gun Oil lubes for men with the addition of Force Recon. Hitting the shelves in March, Force Recon is a hybrid silicone lube formulated as a gel.

Mason Nance of Empowered Products told XBIZ that the water and silicone gel formula is perfect for preventing unwanted messes.

“You get the slickness of silicone but since it’s formulated with water, Force Recon is applied as a clear gel that doesn’t stain,” he said.

Force Recon will be packaged in 2 and 4 oz. bottles with a lock-in pump and cap. The lock-in pump stops leakage.

The original Gun Oil line also is getting a makeover.

“We are repackaging the Gun Oil line with new bottles that are shaped like bullets,” Nance said. “The bottles also will have a lock-in pump and cap so there’s no worrying about it leaking.”

Gun Oil’s redesigned packaging promises ease of use, better sealing and a masculine look. Gun Oil is available in 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz. bottles.

In 2003 Empowered Products personal lube manufacturer and distributor entered the adult business ready for battle. With Scott Fraser, a former Marine platoon commander, at the helm Empowered Products set out to create lubes specialized for men and women with specific products to use during sex with a partner, masturbation and sex toys.

Gun Oil is the company’s flagship product with an origination that was established on the front lines during Operation Desert Storm.

“With little access to ladies and other forms of entertainment, these Privates often resorted to masturbating when they needed a little diversion,” Nance said.

While hunkered down in the trenches of Kuwaiti battlefields, Marines used military issued CLP — a product meant to “Clean,Lubricate, Protect” artillery — as lubrication for masturbating, Nance added. Fraser took note and upon returning home set out to create a product — and company — with the same principles.

“He came back and worked with a lab to create a formula with aloe vera and vitamin E — it lubes and protects,” Mason said.

Gun Oil is a hypoallergenic silicone lube; the restorative properties of aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize and alleviate tears of the skin that can result from sex.

“We’ve gotten a lot of praise that has reinforced the significance of Gun Oil,” Nance said. “You could almost just leave it on after use because it’s so moisturizing and doesn’t leave behind a sticky, uncomfortable feeling.”

The Gun Oil line also includes Gun Oil H2O, a glycerin-free, hypoallergenic water-based lube that’s also fortified with aloe vera to be gentle on the skin.

Stroke 29 is a cream-based masturbation lube that transforms its texture at or around the 29th stroke to create a stimulating experience when combined with friction of rubbing and body heat. In addition to aloe vera and vitamin E, its ingredients include skin-beneficial almond oil and coconut oil.

“Customers have mentioned that they also use Stroke 29 as a massage cream or lotion because it feels so great,” Nance said.

Jack Jelly is a silicone masturbation lube enhanced with aloe vera and vitamin E that offers “the slickest glide for the quickest ride.”

On the flipside, Empowered Products’ women’s line, Pink and specialty lube Frolic, are designed to be lighter, with packaging that’s supple in size.

Empowered Products launched the Pink line in 2005. With respect to the needs of women, the company decided to create glycerin-free lubes for women with sensitive skin.

The original Pink Silicone Lubrication for Women is among the company’s bestsellers, Nance said. Along with the company’s signature restorative and healing properties of aloe vera and vitamin E, the silicone formula is highly concentrated and water resistant for prolonged use.

Pink Water is water-based, denoted by its blue cap; the product stands out as a more gentle, lighter lube, Nance said.

Pink Unity combines the benefits of silicone and water as a hybrid. Offering the slipperiness of silicone, the lube’s water properties allow it to easily wash off.

Hot Pink rounds out the collection as a warming lubricant that can enhance foreplay and be used for a massage.

Frolic is specifically designed for use with toys. Water-based and infused with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, Frolic is safe for use with all toys.

Besides its North Las Vegas home base, Empowered Products operates European distribution and sales offices in Suffolk, England, and in Hamrun on the island of Malta.

“We are everywhere,” Nance said. Overseas offices save the customers shipping costs as Empowered Products serves customers in Russia, China, South Africa and Iceland, he added. The company’s multilingual corporate site also caters to international customers.

With its extensive reach, Empowered Products is fulfilling its goal of advocating a satisfying, healthy sexual lifestyle for men and women. “We want to help men and women lead a healthy sex life — make them feel empowered within their gender,” Nance said.