Diane Duke
Is it just me or does anyone else wonder what the folks at AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) have been smoking? Do they actually put any effort toward the prevention and treatment of HIV or are they simply the conduit for the media attention craved by a publicity-hungry executive director?

Let’s recap:

June 12 Press Release
AHF calls for state legislation mandating the use of condoms in adult movies. (This isn’t how laws are made, I’m pretty sure you have to introduce a bill.)

June 15 Press Release and Protest
A handful of protesters stroll up and down in front of Hustler Hollywood with signs. The signs didn’t say “Promote Safe Sex” or “Use Condoms” they were “Lifestyle Condom” signs. Is it possible that Lifestyle condoms are one of AHF’s sponsors? Did I mention that, although they sell condoms, Hustler Hollywood doesn’t carry Lifestyle condoms? And the protesters…I’ve seen real protesters from my days working at Planned Parenthood — they are passionate!This group could not have looked more bored — paid protesters no doubt.

July 17 Press Release
AHF files a lawsuit against the health department in Superior Court claiming that the county had not done enough to prevent the spread of disease among adult performers — a ridiculous claim that would later be dismissed.

June 18 Press Conference
AHF reiterates its claim that the adult entertainment industry is rife with sexually transmitted diseases and that therefore, under the California Health and Safety Code, health inspectors should shut down porn sets during random inspections if they find that condoms are not being used in sex scenes.

Aug. 20 Press Conference
AHF announces that they would be filing complaints with both the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA) and the Los Angeles Department of Health against 16 adult production companies.

Dec. 4 Press Conference
AHF makes a bid to push for California legislation to make adult productions condoms-only. (Didn’t they do that on June 12? Oh yeah, they did).

Dec. 23 AHF Petition Against L.A. County Dismissed
What?! No press conference?

January 12 Press Conference
AHF files a complaint with the Florida state Department of Health over the lack of use of condoms in adult film productions.

March 4 Press Release and Protest
Approximately 15 AHF employees and supporters picket the offices of AIM. They wore flesh colored tights and fig leaves…really? AHF launches an unwarranted attack on — AIM a major competitor.

Legislative Session of 2010
AHF convinces Assembly Member Lowenthal to carry a bill that would mandate the release of the name and address of all HIV positive Californians to AHF, AB 2590. Ironically enough, AHF had recently falsely accused AIM Healthcare Foundation of illegally revealing performers’ HIV/STD status to adult producers who might want to hire the performers — and now AHF was trying to get the names and addresses of all HIV positive individuals in the state of California.

April 15 Press Conference
AHF files a labor complaint against nine porn Talent Agencies for promoting actors who are willing to have unprotected sex on camera. AHF must be running out of people to charge.

On March 30, 2008 AHF asked for a suspension of research funding to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in favor of shoring up underfunded HIV/AIDS prevention and assistance programs. AHF’s executive director wrote, “To control AIDS, funding must be invested in strategies that work — effective prevention efforts, routine testing and universal access to treatment.” Is AHF doing that? Perhaps their funding should be reconsidered…


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