EuroRevenue Gets A Huda Boost

John Stuart
EuroRevenue has seen impressive success with its exclusive websites and hardcore content. Starting out as a one man show with just two websites nine years ago. EuroRevenue today has more than 30 websites in sic languages and a variety of niches ranging from bukkate and facials to teen, shemale, gangbang and recently gay bukkate. Business is do good that EuroRevenue will open an office in Los Angeles toward the end of this year, and one of the men responsible for the success of EuroRevenue will be city hopping between the two venues — racking up the air miles while trying to keep the ball rolling.

His name is Huda, and he is the executive manager of EuroRevenue, after having joined the company only recently in early 2008. As to the boost in sales since he joined up, Huda has no illusions about the reason why.

“We are focusing on U.S. based companies and webmasters to help them convert their European traffic,” he says. “We speak many languages and offer support in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. Many companies do not do translations well. We give our material to locals so they can translate it in a way that makes sense. Our tours and members areas include plenty of evocative language designed to go hand-in-hand with the videos and images.”

‘Where translating is concerned, we are a cut above the competition. We believe it is vital, because there is nothing worse than a bad translation when you are trying to say — and thereby sell — something sexy,” Huda said. “I saw one bad one from another company, which translated ‘gagging chicks’ to ‘leaking chickens’ — this is why we use locals to proofread everything we translate. In addition to a fundamental command of the broad range of languages spoken across Europe, we bring a high level of cultural and economic insight to every affiliate partnership. For instance, the very popular free join strategy that is so enticing to American consumers does not work in Europe. Europeans do not see free and think, ‘Great deal! I must have this!’ They think, ‘This product must be worthless’ or ‘there has got to be a catch.’”

“Another reason for our success is our European billing options and stable merchant banking relations,” Huda intimated. “Rock solid processing combined with high quality content that surfers actually want to pay for are the key ingredients to our growing success these days where nobody can afford not to get paid.”

Huda brought with him a well-rounded knowledge of the Internet business when he joined EuroRevenue. He performed a lot of freelance web design work in Vienna, where he was born and raised, and continued it in Munich, Germany. It was in Munich where Huda received his university education, completing his final school year in the U.K.

“I returned to Vienna in 2003 and did a lot of business in Eastern Europe,” he recalls.

Huda had never worked in the adult industry until his hiring by EuroRevenue, but his lack of experience certainly did not hinder him.

“The company owner, Joe Holm decided to hire an outsider in order to bring a different perspective to everything we do,” Huda says. “I’m fluent in four languages, which is very important because of our global focus. They promoted me to executive manager a year ago, which really increased my responsibilities.

“Basically everyone who works for EuroRevenue is involved in generating sales, either directly or indirectly through design and programming. My job right now is to oversee the affiliate managers, our design team, our programming team, and to work closely with CEO Todd Glider on our various projects.”

A typical day for Huda starts early in his Vienna office and runs well into the night:

“I have to stay late,” he explains, “because at the end of the day we want to be able to connect with our American friends. Thanks to the time difference, the later the time of day, the more things I get done. It’s common for me to be on my way out of the office when I get a call from an American guy who says, ‘Hey, good morning.’”

His schedule may be demanding, but Huda claims that the benefits of seeing great results in sales, along with the special nature of the adult industry, make it all worthwhile.

‘The adult industry is like a big family,” he says. “At every show I attend, the first day is about having fun, seeing familiar people and just spending a good time with them. This includes clients and competitors as well as friends. It is always nice to work with these people. Everybody is open to discussions. It’s a competitive market, but it’s all done on a very familiar basis — and I have been welcomed into the family, so it’s always nice to go to shows. We have a good time, but we do good business and always come home with success.”

And the success Huda has helped EuroRevenue to attain is one of the main reasons why the firm feels it must open a new office in Los Angeles.

“Operating from Austria and Los Angeles,” he adds, “allows me to spend more time in both places, getting more face time with the makers and shakers in Los Angeles and making new deals happen. Many U.S. based companies don’t monetize their European traffic very well and we have a proven solution that simply makes them more money.”

“Our new EuroRevenue V3 is working well,” Huda offered. “Ever since the switch, we do weekly payouts in euros. Webmasters participating in our revenue share program now earn 70 percent from the start, which is a big difference from the industry average of 50 percent. PPS webmasters can count on big revenue increases as well. Every U.K. join pays out 42 euros. Every European join pays out 40 euros. Every U.S. or Canadian join pays out 32 euros. Adjusted to U.S. dollars, that is $58, $55 and $44 respectively.”

“Obviously this has been a great success,” he continued. “Who wants to get paid less? We have had many new webmaster signups and a lot of good traffic. Our switch to euro payouts drives home our marketing message: Make more money with your European traffic.”

EuroRevenue is branching out into new territories, trying to ride its recent successes. The company recently launched its first gay site,, which Huda believes is far above all the other competitors in that niche.

“It’s converting really well and we’re pleased, as the gay market is something new to us,” he says. “We may be launching more sites like it.”

EuroRevenue will also be launching, a new VOD site, soon, as well as numerous new mobile sites.

With all the new projects, plus juggling the old ones and globe hopping between L.A. and Vienna, Huda figures to be a very busy man.


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