Branding With Taste

Lyla Katz

Edible creams, lotions, undies, to kissable body spray paint, flavored lubricants, body desserts, body pasties, candied condoms and body paints all have one thing in common — they have to taste good. So what does a manufacturer do to differentiate its product? Ask consumers what they think. And that’s just what XBIZ did.

Edible items can definitely add a little spice and everything nice in the bedroom, especially when there’s a plethora of flavors to choose from.

Edible items can definitely add a little spice and everything nice in the bedroom

Though it’s been long known that smell can affect sexual arousal, a study from the Smell and Taste research foundation found that specific smells could really do the trick.

For instance, the study suggests that the mix of pumpkin pie and lavender scents create the number one aroma combinations in attracting men. Really?

The runner up scent for men (I’m surprised this one didn’t take the cake) is donuts, followed by black licorice.

So we wanted to find out what consumers think of these edible products.

We got reactions from customers who bought Adam & Eve’s Go Deep Oral Sex Mints on

Karen S. Wako from Silver Spring, MD posted her review on Amazon saying, “The name says it all. It definitely helps when it comes to deep-throating without gagging.”

When it comes to lubricants, the Astroglide Personal Lubricant in Sensual Strawberry seems to be one of the favorites.

“My wife and I have tried all the other lubricants, oils, gels etc and have found this to be the best. There is no “pilling” as all the others seem to do,” says K.

Miller in his Amazon review. “It is not ‘sticky’ and can be used for both types of intercourse without irritation for either partner. It is simply the best one to use!”

We also spoke with a few customers who bought items from the Shunga product line.

Heidi Klair who bought the edible chocolate body paint was pleased with her purchase.

“My husband and I loved this product from Shunga I bought him for Valentine’s day.

We drew little hearts all over each other and licked them off. I was impressed at how the great chocolate flavor tasted like the real thing.”

Klair added, “ I took comfort knowing the company insures its products are food grade and nontoxic so that we can experiment with no hesitation.”

Ana Boyd bought the Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss.

“It does its purpose and makes your lips tingle. It has a nice scent and decent taste.”

I caught up with North Hollywood, California consumer Patricia Nova in a local retailer who was buying Classic Erotica’s Smoochies flavored Delicious Body Dust.

Nova said that the Sugared Wild Berries flavor was a bit sweet for her taste considering she doesn’t have a sweet tooth. But she did like that it was “sparkly.” “Don’t get it near your eyes, tough,” she cautioned.