The Mobile Revolution Continues

Christoph Hermes
It’s done: The first decade of the 21st Century is over and I’m grateful to have been a part of it. During this period, many things happened inside the communication sector. The web has developed from 1.0 into 2.0, and it is hard to believe what would happen if it disappeared from our daily lives — for good or bad — you decide.

Even in the mobile sector we saw some tremendous steps, starting from the first SMS, to the first black and white logo; 16-bit ringtones up to multifunctional masterpieces like the iPhone with all its apps. I am excited to find out what will come next, in this decade.

For my part and my experience in the mobile business, I can say that I will advance the mobile revolution, because it will be the key to flexibility, independence and improvement for us and it will reach new dimensions. That means that services like SMS chat or dating-communities or the social networks and video portals of tomorrow, will be much more than simple presenters of information — they will be interactive and we will be in the thick of it — and through mobile, always part of it, independently where, how and whenever we want.

In Asia, mobile use is common and a substantial part of daily life. In Europe, it is also a huge source of business possibilities and entertainment for the people. In the U.S. today, business people and users realize the enormous potential of mobile — and some are even using nothing else to communicate or surf the net — a practice that is common in Latin America and Africa.

Mobile means and is more than a small screen, or only Apple handsets. It is always on, reachable 24/7, and offers a wide range of possibilities to make money. So become a part of it — and if you don’t use mobile now, then start now — there isn’t time to waste. Having said this, be prepared and let me know if there is something you would like to do, know, learn or try.