EroAdvertising: Moving the Masses

Stephen Yagielowicz
When the topic of “what’s the best way to get productive traffic to my website?” comes up, one of the most frequently heard answers today is “you need to purchase it” — but just how do you go about that? What is involved in simply buying the traffic you need to make your website grow and prosper?

One easy way to get started is to join an advertising network.

Since 2006, EroAdvertising ( has made it its mission to provide personal service and attention to its advertisers and publishers and “to create, maintain and optimize the best advertising network in the adult entertainment industry.”

“Hand in hand with our customers and industry leaders we have developed a comprehensive set of tools in different languages on which large and small Advertisers and Publishers can trust to make their businesses grow,” states the EroAdvertising website. “With our solutions you can advertise your products and services or generate revenue by publishing advertisements.”

Let’s take a closer look:

The EroAdvertising platform provides advertisers with geographically targeted ad placement, with pay-per-click, view or period-based payment and complete control over ad spending. Extensive traffic filtering tools which allow you to target ad recipients by country, language, category, Google Page Rank, mobile browsers and other parameters; while click fraud blocking, detailed statistics and prompt, personalized, multilingual support round out the service offerings.

According to EroAdvertising CMO Judy Shalom, the past few years have placed a large amount of pressure on marketing companies due to the everchanging economic situation. Part of the firm’s solution to these challenges includes providing a high degree of customer service along with the flexibility to adapt to market changes — an area in which she says CEO Jan Huibers excels.

“Back in 2006, Jan was working in the environment sector,” Shalom intimated. “He actually started out as a tree farmer and today, it is obvious that the skills he acquired then have helped him to grow and nurture our business into the best supplier of adult-oriented advertising.”

When acquiring traffic is your goal, the first thing you will need to do is to sign up for an advertiser account, which will give you control over how you expose your products and services to relevant consumers. Once activated, your account will provide you with access to an online control panel where you can setup your ad campaigns with the applied keywords, prices and budgets.

Advertising costs are based upon supply and demand, allowing advertisers to benefit from the best possible deals. Supported ad types include text and intext ads; banners; thumbs; layer and page peel ads; video ads; IM-style popups; XML/RSS feeds; and what the company calls SpeedClicks — “a very cheap form of advertising to gain many visitors and to boost the website’s reputation.”

Ads can be edited, paused or deleted from the network at any time, while poorly converting websites can be easily blocked from displaying your ad — and preferred sites whitelisted for increased ad exposure. Hourly updated statistics will show you which campaigns are producing the best results, making the whole process more productive.

Selling ad space is only half of the EroAdvertising story, however, as the company also buys it — in the form of its publisher program — that allows website owners to generate maximum revenue while staying focused on their core business.

The benefits of letting EroAdvertising manage your available inventory include never having an empty ad space, which provides for stable earnings and guaranteed payouts for a more solid business.

Offering customizable ads to match the look and feel of the publisher’s website, the EroAdvertising platform ensures fast delivery times with a minimum of load latency, so your website runs smoothly. Detailed statistics report views and clicks on the ads and the ad spaces on your website, while flexible ad types allow for total ad space utilization. Help is available throughout the process in English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese and Dutch, while payouts are via wire, PayPal and ePassporte.

“The world of marketing has become more and more reliant on what your past performance has shown,” Shalom said. “We have seen many disappointed people come to us with horror stories of other marketing companies giving promises they simply cannot deliver.”

Past performance is not all that counts at EroAdvertising, however, as the company pursues its vision of the future.

“Our globalization and international market growth is critical to maintain our position as a leader in the online adult advertising arena,” Shalom concluded, adding that an expansion into the mainstream arena was underway.

Whether you are buying or selling, EroAdvertising has a traffic solution for you — check them out and see if they can help solve your need for new customers and revenues.