Webbilling– Easier than Ever in NATS

Joe D
Webbilling.com now offers Implementation Guides for integrating the Webbilling non-card billing solutions utilizing your NATS cascades.

Pleased Merchants have responded with all kinds of positive feedback, as we all know that anything that can be done to ease the pain of implementing anything is appreciated by programmers, and especially by those waiting on our technically gifted friends ;-D

Ines Petersen, Webbilling Global Operations Director, said that she has received many positive responses from merchants, who have already used the manuals. She told me this week she was pleased and surprised by all the positive reaction, because her goal was just to make the implementations easier. She and her team created a step-by-step guide with screenshots and notations showing exactly how to move through the easy steps. Groups, packages, currencies, price points – everything is covered.

If you are operating on either NATS3 or NATS4, using Webbilling.com to increase your EU revenues is just a no-brainer. Capture all the EU revenue lost because surfers in your current traffic are unable to pay – that money should be in your bank account!

Utilize the Webbilling Real Direct Debit solution in the top European markets of Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, and Spain. Utilize free and paid trial offers, recurring billing, one-click future joins and upsells, Pay-per-Anything and Cross-Sales – along with customizable currency conversion capabilities and cancellation packages. No card of any kind is required of the user – no payment community to join – just Real Impulse Buying.

For further information on utilizing Webbilling in NATS, please write me at: marketing@webbilling.com.

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