All CCBill Merchant Affiliate Programs!

Joe D

Now Include Webbilling Solutions via CCBill -

I’m excited to tell you that the industry leading Webbilling and CCBill technical teams have worked hard together to augment the CCBill cascade to URL infrastructure to make the enhanced features of the Webbilling platform available to all merchants that have grown up with and run reliable affiliate programs through CCBill.

CCBill merchants can now bill users’ bank accounts via the Webbilling platform in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands through real pull direct debit, utilizing trials, recurring, one click transactions, cross sales and more and an additional 40+ countries through Webbilling Advanced Direct Pay, with speedy settlement in major markets and guaranteeing no chargebacks.

CCBill has enabled affiliate tracking and payout, ensuring your loyal affiliates will be paid on time - every week - without question, and you have the opportunity to capture surfers who must now leave your sites unable to give you their cash. After merchant implementation, this collaboration enables the use of the Webbilling platform for all CCBill merchants and CCBill affiliate programs, providing another preferred billing mechanism for significant additional EU revenues.

Webbilling.com has the experience to maximize your revenues, and the expertise to guide you to the best EU conversion rates possible. Their European Direct Debit does not cannibalize credit card revenue. You’ve already invested to get users without credit cards to your sites, now make certain you can convert them! Pair Webbilling with all the CCBill payment methods and capture every join. Webbilling.com assists client-merchants by combining in-depth knowledge of the European markets with proven technology, powerful time-tested relationships, client focused expertise, and personal service.

For complete information on process and procedure, please click here to contact me.