TeamViewer Offers Remote Workgroup Access

Stephen Yagielowicz
For a wide variety of online operators, having the ability to remotely access personal or client computers and provide support over the Internet is a vital necessity. Fortunately, a growing selection of sophisticated applications stands ready to facilitate the process.

"Access all your computers and servers remotely around the clock," says the TeamViewer website. "Need access to your computers on the road? Need access to your customer's unattended servers? No problem — with TeamViewer all host installations are free."

According to its publisher, TeamViewer connects to any PC or web server within seconds, allowing users to control a remote computer as if they were sitting right in front of it. Billed as software for any situation, TeamViewer combines various applications in one single, cost-effective solution, which allows for control of any computer, even through firewalls. All the client has to do is run a small program that does not need installation or administrative rights.

TeamViewer is useful for meetings and presentations, where a picture says more than a thousand words — enabling users to share their desktop with others, providing an ideal solution for online collaboration.

And now, TeamViewer is available as an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, providing remote access to computers from everywhere, allowing spontaneous support as well as having permanent access to unattended computers — and best of all, it's free for all non-commercial users.

Offering convenient control via multi-touch gestures, including left click, right click, drag and drop, scroll wheel, zoom, change monitor and a complete keyboard with special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, and Windows, eases operations.

The TeamViewer app allows users to reboot and reconnect remote computers, and automatically decreases the screen resolution of the remote computer to allow for easier access via the iPhone's smaller screen.

An integrated partner list allows you to see which computer or partner is online, while 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and a 1024-Bit RSA Key Exchange keep secrets safe.

A free way to reboot your computer while on the road could be handy, let alone all the other features this tool offers. Check TeamViewer out and see if it works for you.