GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus

Stephen Yagielowicz
The time of successfully operating a profitable adult entertainment business "by the seat of your pants" is long over, with today's industry entrepreneurs relying on a wide range of tools and techniques for planning and managing their companies. Among these tools are goal setting and visualization programs that allow ideas to fluidly take shape in a cohesive environment that is more readily shared and updated — rather than kept on a clipboard, stack of sticky notes, or Word doc.

According to the company, GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus is visual planning software that can help its users plan, focus and accomplish their goals much faster than with any other method. Claiming to provide a better plan in less time, GoalEnforcer's innovative interface lets users "unleash the power of recursive visual thinking" to increase their productivity.

GoalEnforcer uses a four-step planning process, with steps that allow users to brainstorm ideas; split goals into smaller sub-goals until they become easy tasks; focus on goal setting without the distractions and clutter of other radial thinking techniques; and to accomplish their goals, by accomplishing small and easy tasks along the way until they are all done.

The software allows users to set and rearrange goal accomplishment plans by easily dragging and dropping virtual objects; while color coding, status reports, a progress chart and other features aid goal tracking.

The calendar view reminds users of important due dates, while the new hyperfocus view "will optimize your attention and keep you on track." The software also enables users to update others on the progress of their plans, by sending status report emails and posting progress charts to websites.

GoalEnforcer can also work from a USB flash drive, allowing users to take their goal project files with them wherever they go.

Although GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus may be less feature-packed than some other business planning and brainstorming tools, its simplicity forms a great part of its strength; as users can quickly get straight down to business creativity, rather than spend countless hours learning a complicated new application.

The software is available in packages starting at $9.95, for both Windows and Mac, with a free trial available for download.