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Not “Just another Biller” – EU non-card Payments and Your Bottom Line


EU non-card billing leader Webbilling.com invites you to add revenue to your bottom line from your current traffic – you are already paying something to get these users on your sites, don’t make them leave because they cannot pay.

Utilizing our real Direct Debit in the top European markets of Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, offer Trials, Free Trials, Recurring billing, One-click Joins/Upsells, Pay-per-Anything, Cross sales – all are possible - and Customizable Currency Conversion Capabilities and Cancellation Packages. No card of any kind required of the user – No payment community to join – Real Impulse Buying.

Join us for an introduction to the European debt and credit culture, a discussion on what makes EU users different, options for adding non-carded surfers to your membership rosters, and let us show you just how easy it is to get started. You’ve worked hard to get your programs where they are; you don’t have to leave  money on the table now. Keep your current cascade, just add Webbilling.com to improve your bottom line.

Date:                     Saturday, April 10, 2010
Time:                     1:00pm – 2:00pm
Room:                    Joshua Tree (located on the East end of the Courtyard)

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Contact Joe at the Forum for insight into primary billing methods for Europe. Email him at: Marketing@Webbilling.com.

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