Feeling Overwhelmed?

Joe D

Do you often start the day feeling overwhelmed? A few times a week? Five times a week? Almost every day? While this sounds pretty depressing, it’s pretty common these days, especially for the entrepreneur. If you are like me, you often don’t spend enough time finding ways to relieve your stress, take some down-time, or organize your activities; you’re more likely to shoulder the load and work twice as hard trying to bull through hoping that things will work themselves out at some point in the more successful future…

Since it appears that spring is finally here, maybe it’s a good time to step back and make an objective assessment of your current circumstances, workload and practices. Set some new goals and work in time blocks. Be tough on yourself and you just might make things better for yourself. How are you creating and executing campaigns? What can you automate? If you’re in sales do you use a software program like Salesforce? How are you communicating?

Be open to new technology and learn how to use it. Limit your distractions during work time and focus on yourself and your family when you are done working. You can’t clone yourself much as we might like to…leave one of us working while the other goes home to family dinner ;-) For many small businesses, there is just you, and the business succeeds or fails on your efforts. Concentrate now on developing a system that works for you, automate where you can, and focus on simplification. That’s my new buzzword for myself this year – SIMPLIFY. Concentrate on your mental, emotional and physical health right now, and your business will reap the rewards as we work through the economic turmoil of 2010.

Wish me luck with my simplification process!