AdamEveCash Rocks Sex Toy Business

Stewart Tongue
The dominant name in sex toy sales for more than forty years, Adam & Eve has revamped its affiliate program and included some innovative new resources designed to maximize affiliate revenue by supplying webmasters with information and advice not readily available to many online sex toy vendors before now.

Unlike many paysite businesses, sex toy sales require significant investment in backend production and distribution, knowledge of shipping, state-to-state or international regulations and a myriad of other management obstacles to overcome. As a result, the number of 'hard goods' companies has always remained small and the amount of turn-over among them has always been very high. That gives Adam & Eve a unique place among major adult companies because few can claim the combination of longevity and expertise that has allowed the Adam & Eve brand to prosper for more than four decades.

"We are one of the only hard goods-based adult affiliate programs in the business," said Dana of "There are a lot of start-ups, fly by nights and companies that re-brand or white-label products, but in terms of being a steady, reliable and cooperative supplier for affiliates, I believe Adam & Eve is in a class all its own when it comes to the erotic toy segment of the adult market."

Due to the intimacy intended for products sold by toy vendors, it becomes increasingly important that affiliates find a reliable production and distribution partner. Monetizing sex toy traffic requires putting customer safety ahead of all else, according to Dana.

"Some affiliates think that the toy market is just like the paysite market and they focus almost entirely on payout promises. However, there are some major differences," Dana said. "If a viewer watches a corrupted video file, they just move on to the next one — but if a toy buyer is shipped a defective product the consequences can be much more significant. That's why Adam & Eve work so diligently to earn the highest quality ratings and exceed the most stringent safety standards. Our brand is synonymous with quality and safety which means more sales and less work for affiliates who promote our products."

The revamped affiliate program offers some very lucrative referral payout amounts as well. On any first-time order, the affiliate is paid a full 20 percent for any web sale. Unlike videos which can be pirated, sex toys and other hard goods retain their exclusivity. Adam & Eve products are not sold in stores or available through any other distributor. Many orders reach much higher price points than video membership prices normally dictate and a 20 percent payout on a common $ 250 order eclipses even the highest PPS promises made by many paysites.

Taking things a step further, affiliates own their customers for life. That means repeat buys (no matter how many months later) by the same customer earn affiliates a five percent bonus, bringing the referral revenue to a full 25 percent of the purchase price on all sales from recurring customers.

For affiliates who focus primarily on the B2B market, AdamEveCash pays $5 for any qualified new webmaster referred and an additional five percent commission on all affiliates referred to the program for the life of the customer or webmaster.

So, Adam & Eve is a well-respected adult toy brand with industry leading payouts and a strong B2B marketing program, but you may be asking how any of that is new or innovative? Unlike most affiliate programs, AdamEveCash goes the extra step by trying to better educate affiliates in order to help them maximize their revenue. An entire section of the affiliate program website is devoted to Affiliate Tips that share year's worth of trial-and-error research results. To some, the tips may seem rudimentary, but for a novice webmaster the information offered is well worth exploring in detail.

"Rather than working 'for' a company, we want our affiliates to know they are working 'with' Adam & Eve and we take our role in that business relationship very seriously," says Dana. "We offer a wide variety of affiliate training videos that our affiliates can view online at their convenience and we made sure that the series spans the experience level of our affiliates, from the novice seeking a first sale to the more experienced super-affiliate interested in expanding into the adult toy market."

"We supply our affiliates with timely industry-related news and sales related information that they can use to determine trends, and we have a limitless supply of promotional materials available as well," Dana added.

That does not mean affiliates are left to sort everything out on their own. AdamEveCash takes a hands-on approach with affiliates, with knowledgeable company reps, who each have real webmaster experience, available to answer questions, create custom solutions and develop unique coupon codes to boost sales for affiliates with custom discounts and marketing advantages. Now for the first time, the AdamEveCash product feed is also available for affiliates to integrate into their own sites. That allows affiliates to create custom Internet shops based on the specific niche audience that they are targeting, with a pitch and inventory focused on any core audience interested in even the most narrowly defined areas of the toys market.

Visiting the new affiliate site at immediately makes it clear that a lot of effort has gone into the ease of use. The program even offers a widget that can be downloaded to your computer desktop, allowing an affiliate to check stats and other data without having to log into the AdamEveCash system at all.

Many webmasters are now seeking to market products that can not be pirated or found for free online, diligently searching for a sponsor with inventory worth promoting and brand name recognition trusted by consumers. The newly revamped AdamEveCash affiliate program combines key elements of product marketing and webmaster support making it worthy of consideration by novices, whales, and the vast majority of affiliate webmasters who continue generating sales somewhere in between.