Google's Chrome Tablet

Stephen Yagielowicz
While Apple's groundbreaking iPad is garnering considerable media attention, it is by no means the only contender for the yet to be awarded crown of "tablet computing king" — as Google has shown with its recent sneak peak at a Chrome-powered tablet.

Indeed, for many adult entertainment entrepreneurs, having a serious, viable, porn-tolerant competitor to Apple in this market space would be welcome news; especially in light of the company's seemingly unfair and erratic content policies.

For its part, Google's concept offers keyboard interaction with the screen, including anchored, split, and attached-to-focus views. Launchers can be used as overlays that provide web access via touch or search, along with contextual actions triggered via dwell. A zooming user interface supports multiple tabs, displayed along the side of the screen, while multiple browsers can be viewed on screen, and spawned with a launcher.

The concept device was shown on the Chromium website, the open source development project behind Google's Chrome product.

"While its primary focus is Netbooks, Chrome OS could eventually scale to a wide variety of devices," the site states. "Each would have vastly different input methods, available screen space, and processing power."

The tablet was revealed two days before Apple's launch of the iPad.

"Google Chrome OS is still in development, and we are constantly experimenting with various user interfaces to determine what designs would produce the best user experience," stated a Google rep. "As we've said all along, the UI is still under development and will continue to evolve as we determine which designs work best for our users."

While the Google tablet concept is only vaporware at present, it poses a tantalizing tease of the future of mobile computing — and adult entertainment. And rest assured that most every major computer manufacturer's development team is working overtime on tablet concepts of their own, so this is a story that has yet to be completed.