Beef up Infrastructure; Double Processed Revenues

Joe D
Well, leading EU non-card payment processor, Webbilling.com, has undergone major infrastructure upgrades this month in anticipation of continued strong growth, as merchants access significant additional revenue from European users who pay online with their bank accounts. Extended hardware upgrades were completed at the main Amsterdam data center in early March with no appreciable downtime, the second major infrastructure upgrade there during the past year.

This is a good indication that global merchants are recognizing both the opportunity and the need to convert every possible sale and generate revenue from all their traffic. The online games industry has demonstrated like no other that you cannot have too many join/payment options on your sites and all commerce verticals are starting to pay more attention to every aspect of their users' habits and preferences when making online purchasing and payment decisions.

The entire Webbilling global team is working hard to assess and stay ahead of increasing service demands as merchants seek to bolster bottom-line revenue, weather the current economic climate, and position themselves for rapid future revenue growth. Webbilling works with some of the largest programs in the industry spanning all business models, including Cams, VOD, Paysites, Stores, Dating and Games, and is actively facilitating expansion of their European join capability, already doubling 2009 monthly revenues in 2010.

Webbilling.com offers real pull Direct Debit for Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands and billing in an additional 40+ countries with Advanced Direct Pay. To use these solutions, no card of any kind is required of the user – the user is not required to join a payment community. Webbilling does NOT provide merchant accounts or credit card billing! Webbilling DOES provide convenient direct banking payment solutions users know and use.

The Webbilling methods can be added to any existing billing cascade and do not cannibalize credit card revenue. Webbilling.com assists client-merchants by combining in-depth knowledge of the European market with proven technology, powerful time-tested relationships, client focused expertise, and personal service. For Webbilling merchants, no European business entity is required. No European bank accounts are required. No complicated merchant account set-up is necessary.

For details on how to easily add Webbilling.com to your join options, contact the Webbilling team now: marketing@webbilling.com