Easy File Sharing Web Server

Stephen Yagielowicz
Looking for an easy way to share files with and among your website's visitors? According to its creators, Easy File Sharing Web Server is a file sharing software that allows users to upload and download files easily through a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

Easy File Sharing Web Server is a Windows program that allows you to host a secure peer-to-peer and web-based file sharing system without any additional software, services, or additional HTML web page design. It allows you to run a website on your own PC, and to share photos, movies, videos and music/MP3 files securely.

"It can help you share files with your users, customers and partners," states its website. "They can search for and download files from your computer or upload files from theirs. The files on your PC can be accessible from anywhere without special software."

The company claims that Easy File Sharing Web Server is easier and faster than other methods of securely sharing photos, movies, videos and music files, because it lets you use a tool you already know how to use: a web browser.

"To build a web-based file sharing system, you need to install a HTTP-server such as Apache or IIS, configure a database server such as MySQL or MS SQL Server and then build your system with HTML pages and scripts of PHP, Perl, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, and so on," states the software's website. "All these are difficult for most users. Our solution saves your time, saves your money."

Easy File Sharing Web Server also provides a Bulletin Board System (forum), which is designed to make it easy for remote users to post messages and files to the forum; while the Secure Edition adds support for SSL encryption that helps protect businesses against site spoofing and data corruption. Additional modules, such as chat, are also available.

Offering a simple installation that assures users they will be up and running in minutes, Easy File Sharing Web Server was designed with security in mind, and supports secure searching, downloading and uploading, along with remote file management tasks. Customizable using templates, multiple styles are available, and there is no preset limit to the number of forums, posts, members and upload file size, according to the company.


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