Read It Later

Stephen Yagielowicz
If you're like a lot of busy executives, you have an easy time finding interesting and profitable things to read online, but trouble finding the time to finish a longer article in one sitting — or even to start reading an article that you've just discovered.

Promising "one reading list, everywhere you are," Read It Later (RIL), allows users to save pages from a computer or phone, to read on or offline, even without an Internet connection.

Read It Later syncs the reader's position in every article between all devices, so that a user can start reading an article on their computer, for example, and then finish it later on their iPhone or other device, picking up exactly where they left off.

RIL is integrated into many popular applications and platforms, with versions for the iPhone as well as for Firefox and Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Android, Blackberry, Pre and other devices and platforms.

Now in version 2.0, RIL was recently redesigned to offer more features with a cleaner and less cluttered interface.

According to a company representative, the redesign had three main goals: to be smarter, more readable and more consistent, so that every part of the service has the same unified look and feel.

"Do more automatically for the user. Don't ask a user to click a button, click it for them," the spokesperson said. "Each function or button should always be just under your finger when you need it, but until then, keep it out of the way."

Tagging has been made easier and more useful in the new version, which now also supports tagging directly in the iPhone app, which makes categorizing items into groups and folders easier than ever.

Pick up a copy today and make learning a whole lot easier.