NOT 'Just another Biller'

Joe D
For those of you who attended the XbizLA Conference in Los Angeles this month, you know that this was one first-class corporate event signaling a dynamic change in the perception and conduct of business at such gatherings, and likely to herald a new professionalism throughout the industry. The Phoenix Forum, always the focused networking KING, will be the next test.

One thing we've all observed over the past year or so, is that many banks have sought to bolster earnings through this economic recession by loosening requirements for merchant accounts for adult enterprises, in many situations. The result has been a proliferation of high-risk merchant provision entrants into the adult space and the adult event space in heretofore unseen numbers. I expect to see a tightening of this marketplace this year, but in the meantime I sense a growing frustration among both merchants and established historical adult billing leaders in withstanding the barrage. The new glut of competition among credit card processing providers combined with the inherent established distrust of new 'processing names' in the industry has created a climate where merchants are starting to resist an approach by 'another biller' -- period.

This was especially evident at the speed networking sessions in LA. Obviously my business cards designate me as a representative of Webbilling.com - and that card elicited way too many 'Oh, another biller' responses this time out. Fortunately, all the established branding work of past years makes my job easy in terms of pre-setting appointments and moving through an event, but this overt resistance to a billing discussion in a fresh introduction is a new phenomenon and needs some clarification!

Webbilling does NOT provide merchant accounts. Webbilling does NOT enable credit card services. All of you seeking to add cash flow to your bottom line on existing European traffic should speak with me about what we DO provide – preferred local payment solutions for Europeans that do not cannibalize - but complement - credit cards and everything else in your present cascade.

We’re an easy implementation in both NATS3 and NATS4, MPA3, and we offer a straightforward API for proprietary systems as you seek to access the additional joins in your current traffic that the Webbilling solutions can provide. We offer you unique capability for European billing – Don’t touch your credit cards! Keep your existing credit card processing in place.

The 2010 XBIZ Award provides acknowledgment that Webbilling is unique in the processing vertical. Don’t assume you are already covered with your current solutions because you can’t view your EU join pages. If you geo-target and want to see how your payment options present to site visitors in the Webbilling countries, ask me for a free-of-charge proxy test. Investigate what makes Webbilling the single best EU alternative to complement all your 'other billers.' There is no European business entity required and no European bank account is required. No set-up or monthly fees. Trials, Free Trials, Recurring billing, One-click Joins/Upsells, Pay-per-Anything, Cross sales – all are possible – along with Customizable Currency Conversion Capabilities, Cancellation Packages, and Effective Risk Management that can be customized for each country.

If you would like to access unique solutions and capability, great people, and consistent performance, ask me for an introduction to the Webbilling solutions.

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