Be Smart - Don't Be a Financial Victim

Joe D

I saw a story today on The Paypers website claiming that two thirds of those on the Internet use their online banking credentials on other sites and programs.

Make your banking credentials unique only to your banking - don't use the same access data when visiting your non-secure sites, your social networking sites or to log in anywhere else. They were reporting on a survey conducted by online security services company Trusteer, which reported that 73% of banking customers use their same account password to access other sites, and fully 47% use both their online user name AND their password to log in at other online accounts.

The foundation for the results was a sample of over four million, many of whom hold bank accounts with the leading North American and European banks.

The obvious outcome here is that criminals are devising ways to spider and accumulate access data from a myriad of websites and then testing it against financial services sites for those users to gain access and commit fraud.

Protect Yourself, keep your online banking access info unique only to your more secure financial accounts...