Monetize! - Webbilling Offers iPhone Join Page

Joe D

Webbilling.com has added a specific join page for display to iPhone users. You asked for it, you got it! The iPhone join page for Webbilling.com allows users to access the Webbilling direct debit solution while surfing on their phones in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom - add this capability in these prime markets. As more and more users search for and enter their preferred websites via their iPhones, merchants need the ability to accept payments by all methods on the iPhone as well.

2009 statistics (admob.com) are clearly showing that the iPhone enjoys a significant lead in worldwide Smartphone market share in regards to Web usage – estimated at 65%, and it appears it will hold steady even through the advent of the Android handsets. A review of the statistics by region shows the United States and the West European countries well ahead of any other part of the world.

We all know that the easier it is for the visitor to pay, the easierit is to capture the join. You really must cater to the surfing needs of every user online when it comes to billing. If your site has been created iPhone friendly, but the billing page doesn’t work properly on the device, you are not helping your conversions and maximizing revenue.

Webbilling.com offers two very effective billing methods for Europe: Direct Debit (where funds are withdrawn directly from the end customers’ bank accounts) and Advanced Direct Pay (where the user can take advantage of the ability to wire money to local bank accounts), and more on the way. Education in the credit and debt culture in Europe is the first step in understanding how the Webbilling solutions can add significant revenue to the bottom line of every ecommerce enterprise with EU traffic, without cannibalizing merchants’ credit card sales. These potential non-card users are in your current traffic; merchants must ensure they are able to take their payments, and now that includes payments while surfing on the iPhone.

For more information on the Webbilling.com non-card payment platform for Europe, please visit the website, or Write: marketing@webbilling.com for more information and see how easy it is to get started.