FTP On The Go

Stephen Yagielowicz
The name says it all: FTP On The Go is an FTP client for iPhone users; and according to its makers, if you are an IT professional or webmaster, FTP On The Go is the reason your boss should buy you an iPhone; and if you already have an iPhone, then FTP On The Go is the reason your boss should give you a raise. That's nice, but what if you're your own boss and you need server access to your website right now? Then FTP On The Go will save you time, money and headaches. Let's take a closer look:

FTP On The Go lets users update and repair websites from nearly any location, logging in to servers securely using an iPhone or iPod touch.

Users can download text files and use the integrated text editor to modify those files directly on their iPhone, using Find and Replace and other features to ease the editing process. Clicking the Save button will upload the changes back to the server and users can even change permissions (CHMOD) on the server to remotely manage files.

Users may view document files on an FTP server such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, and Image files. These files can be downloaded and viewed on the iPhone's screen and also saved for later viewing and editing.

File sharing is also enabled via built in FTP and web servers so users can view and add files to their iPhone from a computer or even another iPhone — allowing users to browse and viewing files on one iPhone using another, with either FTP On The Go or Safari.

FTP On The Go is also able to automatically resize and upload images from a user's photo library or from the iPhone's camera.

Bookmarks are supported as are all typical operations, such as create file, create directory, rename file, delete file and move file, along with advanced features like "Mode Z" realtime data compression support.

A master password can be set to protect server login information and video tutorials are available to aid in user training.

For iPhone equipped webmasters on the go, FTP On The Go may be a lifesaver.