WordPress Plug: MobilePress

Stephen Yagielowicz
As webmasters continually seek to increase the quantity and quality of visitors to their websites, one audience avenue that is receiving considerable attention these days is the mobile arena. For operators using the popular WordPress platform, a number of options exist for taking a website mobile in order to satisfy today's iPhone-equipped surfers and others seeking content on the go. One option worth evaluating is the use of MobilePress.

According to its creators, MobilePress is a free OpenSource WordPress plugin that makes your blog mobile-friendly and able to be viewed on any compatible wireless device.

MobilePress offers a flexible system that allows users to customize their mobile presence by creating custom themes; provide themes for specific mobile browsers (iPhone, Windows Mobile, OperaMini, etc.); and allows site owners to decide when to display their mobile version.

The latest release incorporates the user feedback that the company has been collecting over the last few months.

"While a lot of the changes are under the hood of MobilePress, we have fixed several visual bugs and issues," stated a company rep. "The new release should also decrease loading times and page sizes for mobile devices, as well as be more compliant across the wide range of mobile devices."

"The changes in this release were more inline with what we have planned for MobilePress going forward, in terms of making it a more sustainable plugin and ecosystem that enables the mobile web," the rep added. "This includes being able to fix bugs, add new features and offer more flexibility (themes, etc.) much quicker in future releases."

One of the most exciting future features slated for the next release will be its integration with TinyImpact, which will allow MobilePress users to track analytics and monetize the mobile version of their blog via Google AdSense, Admob and other mobile advertising networks.

The MobilePress plugin comes with a number of free themes optimized for normal handsets, as well as an iPhone-specific theme. The application also offers Mobile SEO, which detects the mobile versions of the Google and Yahoo! search bots and feeds them the mobile version of your site — allowing it to be indexed by these search services.