The Question of Cross Sales

Joe D
Recent Card Association decisions and closer inspection of cross sell practices and account coding are all conspiring to change the way many programs conduct business with credit card joins in this lucrative revenue generation area.

New restrictions on external cross sales may be impacting your revenues. If so, there is good news from Webbilling.com. EU Direct Debit solutions are not governed by card association rules, and in fact, when considering adding the Webbilling platform to your payment cascade, you should forget everything you know about credit cards and welcome the addition of significant EU revenue from your current traffic - the joins are already there, they just can't pay you now! ...Credit card penetration, while growing, remains low throughout Europe - but everybody has a bank account.

Add cross sales in Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands - you'll be making more money the moment you switch Webbilling on.

With Webbilling, you can conduct both external and internal cross sales, and there are no 1%/2% limits or fines on chargebacks to be concerned with. Their collection service within each of their countries aggressively pursues each and every chargeback as part of your service, and these recovered chargebacks become a recovered revenue stream over time.

One thing to remember is that you are in business for the long-term, so at all times cross selling must be conducted in a responsible manner. Simply put, the customers must know what they are purchasing and how much will be deducted from their accounts. That being said, there is money to me made, and Webbilling welcomes your questions on cross selling options.

Webbilling is an easy implementation in NATS3, NATS4 and MPA3 - you can access the entire cross selling capability quickly and easily and be cashing in on newfound EU revenue in no time at all. Whatever your program infrastructure, there is an API solution for you today.

Webbilling.com offers you essential European payment methods including Direct Debit for Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and United Kingdom and Advanced Direct pay for 43 European countries! If you add the payment methods to your already existing cascade you can significantly increase your revenue.

Bring your responsible business and Webbilling.com will help you make more money from your existing traffic than you ever thought possible. Test Them Now!

Convert every possible user. Do not let any joins escape. Write: marketing@webbilling.com for more information and see how easy it is to get started.