U.S. Loosens ICANN Grip

Joe D
As the Internet took off eleven years ago, the U.S. turned over some of its governance to an obscure nonprofit group, the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers which of course became ICANN, and now oversees 183 million domain names. Dan Fost has reported in the LA Times that the US government’s ICANN oversight will diminish as the US ceases to review the group as of October 1. The group will now be reviewed by a representative global board.

Because the US Department of Defense developed the foundation for the Internet over 40 years ago, the US retained significant control and will continue to exert influence but the reviews will see significant international involvement now.

ICANN’s Marina del Rey based Vice President, Paul Levins said, “The Internet is a public resource that is increasingly managed by its users. We've become an organization accountable solely to the Internet community."

Watch for some startling developments expected to really spur Internet growth.

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