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Global market forces can quickly effect changes on your everyday business, and this can happen on multiple fronts. In tumultuous financial periods credit can be reduced or restricted, spending and lifestyle habits can change, and credit card accounts expire and are closed. The business environment changes as well, both in good times and - especially during challenging times - it is dynamic and transitional, driving adaptation and innovation – so we see changes in content delivery, traffic movement, reserves, payout arrangements and other long established practices.

If your online business model has had you traditionally focus mainly on specific large markets, and/or to rely heavily on limited payment solutions such as credit cards, you really must read on.

Did you know that an average of only 23% of Europeans hold a credit card?

Because the European payment and debt culture is so different from the credit card dependent economies of the world, the Webbilling solutions can really help you increase the revenue from your EU visitors who may be currently unable to purchase on your sites – if you rely on credit cards, not adding the Webbilling Direct Debit and Advanced Direct Pay solutions for EU customers is like a brick and mortar retailer telling potential customers he does not accept their cash. The potential customer is on your site and ready and willing to pay to purchase or join, so there is some cost-per-acquisition associated with every visitor who has landed on your sites. Forcing them to limit participation in some way because they could not pay - results in lost daily revenue. Taking Europe as a whole, less than 25% of the population owns a credit card. Webbilling does not process credit cards, only non-card debit transactions and facilitated wire transfers – completing your cascade of offerings.

Webbilling gives you the ability to bill the most countries with real direct debit – Spain, UK, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, giving you the best conversion probability with their proven best practices for their markets. Webbilling may be the only high-risk biller in adult with direct debit in the UK and Spain, and they are strongest in Germany where their system originated. They help you by augmenting and complementing any other methods in your cascade, by offering EU fraud protection beyond the usual algorithms with their pin call verification feature, by aggressively pursuing any and every chargeback, and they save you time with their straightforward implementation and ongoing support. They are an easy implementation in both NATS3 & 4 and MPA3 so the decision is easy.

Forget everything you know about credit cards!

Webbilling helps you increase your revenues without cannibalizing any existing payment methods you already have in place with their Direct Debit, through the provision of a proven fluid join process in each of their major markets where a signature is not required - taking into consideration, language, banking systems, and comfort level of the user, even their confirmation pin call is in real-time in the user’s language.

Did you know that the potential online European market is larger than the US market, and growing?

As you perform the implementation, Webbilling will analyze your join flow and purchase possibilities and provide recommendations for terms, logos, relevant features and suggestions to generate more revenue – in a customized front-end implementation package and in personal communication. They are experienced EU conversion experts and now you can profit from their expertise – both in the front end and the back end join flow.

Remember, a ‘credit’ with Webbilling is a good thing – a recovered charge back for the merchant…

There can be charge backs with Direct Debit, but there is no penalty associated with them. The Webbilling collection departments within each country aggressively pursue every charge back – including principal amount + fees and charges. Collection involves legal letters, phone calls, etc., and begins immediately upon notification, and they make it very easy for the user to make good on his debt. I believe most processors simply drop charge backs – Webbilling attempts to recover every single transaction and these credits become a revenue stream of their own over time. Remember, unlike credit cards, a credit with Webbilling goes in the good column – it is a recovered charge back.

Payment Methods – Working for You.

EU Direct Debit

Real Direct Debit in top European markets: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands). Bill in Euros and Pounds!

No card of any kind required of the user – No payment community to join – Real Impulse Buying. These are the countries where no physical signature is required for a direct debit.

Trials, Free Trials, Recurring billing, One-click Joins/Upsells, Pay-per-Anything, Cross sales – all are possible - and Customizable Currency Conversion Capabilities and Cancellation/Loyalty Packages.

Effective Risk Management for high risk applications that can be customized for each country. For certain site/program models this robust risk management system allows for specific limits and scalability and has proven quite effective.

You Own All Data.

There is no European business entity required. No European bank account required. Funds are wired to the account you designate in Euros and Pounds.

Again, there can be charge backs with EU direct debit, but there is no penalty associated with them and the collection departments in each country aggressively pursue recovery of your revenue.

Advanced Direct Pay

Advanced Direct Pay is the Webbilling facilitated user-initiated wire transfer for over 43 more countries – it cannot automatically recur, but is guaranteed there can be no charge backs – just one more opportunity for the merchant that may be the only join option for many users to make a purchase. Webbilling enables you to accept the users’ cash!

Advanced Direct Pay covers all 43 European countries and more. This is a user initiated payment, but again, the only method available to many users. In the major markets to facilitate and speed settlement, Webbilling enables the customer to pay within his country, for example an Italian will wire to an Italian bank account. Even though it is possible to do international wires throughout Europe, most users won’t know how to do it, or won't want to do it, so this feature will boost your revenue. Webbilling recommends special packages for this method – as a subscription site example: discounted payments for three, six and twelve month membership packages.

- Payment funds are available in as little as one day.

- This method guarantees no charge backs.

- Talk to Webbilling about stimulating recurring and other options.

This method can include: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Balearic Islands, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Chechnya, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United States and Yugoslavia. With credit card penetration in Europe below 25%, this is a viable option for these markets where this may be the only purchase option for your products available to these visitors.

The motivated surfer is going to find a site to join – ensure you can accommodate him with these unique easily added payment methods.

Adding the Webbilling solutions really is a no-brainer. Join the family of Programs converting more users than ever before with Direct Debit and Advanced Direct Pay today. If you offer only credit card payment on your sites and have ten German search engine visitors who want to join today, seven must leave because they could not pay. If you make a traffic purchase for your site offering only credit card joins and it includes ten Germans ready to purchase today, seven must leave because they could not pay. If an affiliate sends ten Germans to your credit card only site today, seven must leave because they could not pay...Do the math...

We are talking about daily lost revenue. It’s not like you can add the Webbilling methods in two months and ‘make up this lost revenue.’ It’s lost today. Gone. Done. They found another site...

Tomorrow is the first day of your improved profitability. Maximize your revenue potential now.

Convert every possible user. Do not let any joins escape. Write me at: marketing@webbilling.com and let me show you how easy it is to get started.

Don’t lose another day of EU non-card revenue. Seven out of Ten Germans...and non-cardholders in 42 other countries – Webbilling converts them best for you.