CashDorado Milks Cash Cow

Tod Hunter
Germany-based hardcore affiliate program CashDorado is looking to expand its reach outside the German-speaking countries of Europe. The company has built up its webmaster base in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since its start in 2001, and is now reaching out to international affiliates.

"We want to learn from and together with our international affiliates how to combine our German market-and-content knowledge with their international business knowledge," a CashDorado spokesperson said.

CashDorado launched its international affiliate program at The Phoenix Forum in March, offering eight subscription websites ranging from the relatively tame, which peeks on people in tanning booths, to the more-explicit and

"Since the CashDorado products were really successful in Germany we were convinced that they would find favor with international users as well," the spokesperson said. "We know that the market is different but a lot of people appreciate German hardcore porn in general and that is our strength — besides top products like the exclusive and unique flat fee model for cams and chat at as well as the one-of-a-kind voyeur tanning salon at We only use the newest high-standard technology and offer high quality streams."

On, for a monthly flat rate, subscribers can choose from 30 webcams that run 24/7, delivering more than 7,000 hours of live content each month with European performers appealing to mainstream and niche audiences including lesbians, chubby and lingerie. All the cam shows can be viewed in high resolution, with some in high definition even in full-screen mode. Some shows offer multiple angles and chat. offers subscribers a chance to watch people in a tanning salon.

Each of the six booths in the salon has three cameras with 5x zoom, which offer two angles on the tanning bed plus one of the whole booth. Two more cameras cover the reception area.

Other websites promoted by CashDorado include, which is based on scenes shot in public places including streets, beaches and parks;, which follows performer Markus Waxenegger;, based in a luxury Berlin apartment that offers female travelers a free stay in exchange for sex;, featuring Patrick and John as they host women in the back of their minivan;, where female performers get their first backdoor experience; and, with a man who will say anything online to persuade a woman to join him in his bed.

Two or three scenes a week are produced for each of the reality sites and the sites are updated once a week. The reality material is available exclusively through the websites and has never been released on DVD.

"The cam studio is staffed 24/7 and the tanning salon is open all day as well, giving the user the possibility to watch new content all the time," the spokesperson said.

Although CashDorado's expansion efforts are primarily aimed at English-speaking countries, the sites are also being aimed at Scandinavian countries "because most of the people understand a lot too."

According to the spokesperson, the material promoted internationally is exactly the same as is used for the German market: "It's pretty much comparable with other German or international productions."

The company offers webmasters a 50 percent revenue share on all products. Secure billing is operated through CCBill with weekly payouts. Webmaster support includes promo materials such as banners, free hosted galleries, Flash banners and direct support through the CashDorado website.

Planned future sites include, where a "coach" teaches female performers to ejaculate;, a big-boob niche site; and, a point-of-view site.

"The diversity of products is our key strength," the spokesperson said. "We try to bring in our experience of having produced video content for years, as well as being well known in Germany for our high-quality live cam products. This is something we want to share for the benefit of our customers and webmasters."