Complete Webbilling.com Now in NATS4

Joe D
Webbilling is now fully integrated into your NATS4 Administration and Tracking Software.

We’ve worked hard with the entire TMM Team to make all the WebBilling.com capability for European Direct Debit for Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Austria and Advanced Direct Pay for over 40 more countries available through your cascade settings.

Over the past ten years Webbilling.com has focused on the use of direct debit for the conversion of European traffic with the same immediacy, ease, and with the same marketing tools you enjoy with credit card conversion in North America, including the capability for immediate access, recurring billing, one-click join/upsells, free/paid trials and multiple free trials, cross sales, escalating security levels, the Webbilling Risk Management System, pay-per-anything, one-time and hard goods sales, a robust currency conversion capability, and you own all your data.

This latest integration of Webbilling.com into your NATS affiliate program software ensures you the ability to access the 75%+ population of potential EU customers who cannot or will not use a credit card online. …Real direct debit with no cards of any kind required, and a facilitated user initiated wire transfer for all the countries where a physical signature is still required for a debit.

Keep all your current billing solutions in place; just optimize Webbilling to maximize your EU revenue. This is found money – you are already doing all the work to get these surfers to your sites – don’t refuse their cash! – the Webbilling.com direct debit solution will allow you to convert them, as well as attracting more EU affiliates because of higher conversion rates on the traffic they send. Advanced Direct Pay gives you one more option for large markets including France, Italy and Norway for users with no cards – capture every join. Remember, only 23% of Europeans own a credit card.

NATS makes Webbilling a no-brainer!

Contact me now for a complete information package, paperwork and procedure to easily go live converting your EU traffic!

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