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Brandon Baker
What's hot in the gay market right now? Here's a look at the trends that you can't afford to miss out on. Reality bites. But it sells.

Reality situations, even if they are not real, are making their way into consumers' hands and minds.

While the webcam houses are a dime a dozen now, the reality sites that fit a niche are making bundles. Consumers can relate to reality.

It's like a peek at the boy down the street rather than the buffed up porn stars that are in every ad and in every video.

Exclusive Means Business
Keeping material that consumers can find only on your site rolls over into traffic.

Models, material... it doesn't matter. If it's exclusive, consumers know they can't get it anywhere else.

It's about creating loyalty — companies that employ exclusive models create an atmosphere in which the models are bound to be loyal (literally) to their production company.

Exclusive content spells commitment from the purveyor to the consumer that you can only find that material on your site.

"Listen, baby, sign up for my site; you are only going to find this material here."

Get your hands on the consumer's desire for new and fresh material.

Straight To The Bank
The straight boys are all riding the gay boys!

Sites like and and more are at the top of referral lists.

It's the fantasy that most gay men harbor — "I can be the one that can make them cross over. Or at least have fun trying!"

Straight content is HOT right now.

Many of the advertisers on are straight and cash in on the gay market.

It goes both ways, though.

Gay webmasters are cashing in by walking the straight line.

Make sure you are, too.

Billing Solutions
Offering one billing solution is so last season. Sites that succeed offer more than one way to bill clients.

Phone billing, credit card, mail in, etc., are the wave of today.

Every consumer has a story. Don't limit it. Convert those stories into volumes of moolah for you!

With sites like, and, you can provide your surfer with many a platform to make that money transfer into your pockets.

You work hard to provide a product that should be in the hands or on the screens of every consumer — make it easy for them to get, no matter what their situation.

Marketing Through Events
If you are not participating in events and using them as a marketing tool, you are missing out.

Seize the opportunity and go local, national or even international.

Events provide an environment that is conducive to getting things done.

Companies like, and have long employed these avenues as outlets to network with and present business opportunities to people who have the same mindset.

Events like the GayEroticExpo and Internext make traditional meetings a trumped-up waste of time.

Events are a way to get your content into the hands of people who are interested and ready to make deals.

Don't be surprised when you look over your budget and see that events pay for themselves over and over and leave you with money in your pockets, and more time to play!

Blog This!
Why not personalize your delivery with a weblog?

With so many free blog hosting sites and ways to create your own branded blog using simple .php coding, it's a wonder everyone doesn't have one yet. Create an addiction between your viewer and your entity with an online journal.

They are not just for secrets anymore... use them as a marketing tool with a twist when you slip in a hint about a new release, a tasty tidbit and branded image about one of your porn stars, an interview on a behind-the-scenes player or even a special marketing deal you've got going on.

Not only does it make visitors want to come back to your site with frequency, but it creates a sense of special delivery.

What about having one of your company's headliners blogging?

Many of the gay porn stars like Carlos Morales have a blog on their sites. Your marketing department can have one just like the Lucas Entertainment site.

Don't miss the boat. Ride the wave of blogging your way to the bank.

Getting your content into the hands of paying consumers can be hard, but getting your share of the trends is not.

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