Internet VS TV Radio and Print

Joe D
eMarketer recently engaged Gian Fulgoni, Chairman of comScore, in a discussion on the click as a measure of effectiveness in online advertising. The discussion revolved around the contrasting viewpoints of the direct-response oriented marketers vs the branding-oriented marketers...

eMarketer posed the supposition that a lot of people see the Internet as a direct response medium. His response?

That's just nonsense...

His thoughts included the question of why Internet should be perceived as different from print, TV or radio in the ability to create long-term branding value in contrast to direct response value.

He went on to propose a provocative theory: Is the preoccupation of the marketing world with direct response directly related to the fact that so many young people are involved in Internet advertising?

Direct Response = Immediate Gratification.

Perhaps they don't understand branding at all? No long-term perspective or patience?

How does any of this relate to your business model and efforts?

How will you differentiate and distinguish your online efforts?

How do you relate to the direct response/branding conflict?

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