Adult Content Trends

XBIZ World Magazine
Recently, XBIZ World Magazine asked several industry players "What is the most significant trend in adult content today?"

Here's what they had to say:

The most significant trend in adult content today is the move to HD. Many content producers are ahead of the game shooting in HD and some are holding off. With broadband being almost ubiquitous now I see the shift to HD being the norm very soon.

— Robert Ferrara, Owner of GetNaughtyCash and Ferrara Photography

I'd have to say the rise of the MILF, for sure, but that's based on my own personal experience. After being online with my own amateur site for a decade, I started doing pro work at the age 40, and I get a ton of work. That seems to be the case with many mature women.

— Janet Mason, Enigma Productions, Inc., model/performer/webmistress

Besides trannies, balloon popping in the straight genre seems to do very well. However, I do not shoot that. In my viewing while doing research, it seems the nastier and raunchy it is, members seem to love it.

— Aaron Kline, DiamondBack Pictures, LLC, producer/director

The trend is not what niche sells best but how to sell it. Due to the fact that almost the entire world in online now, there is a market for every niche, the important question is how to sell it. How can you make money in today's vast changing environment online. Also since there is so much competition with content these days, it seems like the most significant trend is QUALITY! Quality in models, quality in video production and quality in delivery!

— Raffi, CEO/founder, WorldWideContent.com

Personalization, we feel letting the users have a relationship with the site owner or solo model — in our case PreciousLili.com — is key to them not only returning but staying with you. We say it all the time — Don't blend in. Staying on top of the trends is as well very important in Internet, mobile, etc. I hear it from people every day. DVD is going away. Long live VOD.

— Douglas G., Photographer/developer/ webmaster, PreciousXMedia

The biggest trend in the content industry today has been the cutbacks in shooting. Fewer companies are shooting content and as a result models and photographers/producers are looking for work. The number of requests we now get from well-known photographers and models looking for work is shocking. I would say in the past six months the inquiries have at least quadrupled. Another interesting trend in L.A. is there are fewer softcore glamour models than ever before. In the past there was a huge pool of softcore glamour models. Only a few sites, besides Twistys, will shoot softcore glamour girls which has resulted in the models either jumping right into hardcore or not sticking around the industry for long.

— Shap, Owner, Twistys

From a legal perspective the most significant trend in adult content is "pushing the envelope." Content producers are contacting me on a weekly basis asking how far they can go without crossing any obscenity lines or risk prosecution. In essence, Max Hardcore was a very public case and most content producers don't want to end up in a federal prison, however, they still want to produce content for audiences that show preference to aggressive or rough pornography. Unfortunately, there is no real answer due to obscenity not having a firm definition or blueprint. Another trend in content production is that the newly passed 2257 regulations seem to have content producers' ears and eyes wide open. It appears that unlike the last time 2257 was passed and eventually failed when put to the constitutionality test, this time around content producers are adjusting to the changes and are modifying their businesses to be in compliance.

— Corey Silverstein Attorney, Law Offices of Corey D. Silverstein

Tube sites. They are changing the way we view porn in many ways. Porn is free in most people's minds nowadays. Tube sites generate huge traffic that's for sure. Are monetizing tube sites the future or will it kill us?

— JayRock, CEO, JayRock Productions

I see two significant trends. One, which is the proliferation of tube sites — it's here to stay and continuing to grow at the moment. The other is smart companies are investing heavily in quality content because they realize that surfers (now more than ever) have to see value if they're going to whip out their credit cards. Companies like Reality Kings, Brazzers, and Twistys learned that custom exclusive content would set them apart years ago and have built huge recognizable brands that today focus on such quality. Porn.com has invested heavily in both high-end DVD studio produced content and custom exclusive content and have capitalized greatly on their name. Sites like VideosZ focus on large wellknown studio produced content that surfers are actually looking for. These companies have two things in common — the individual brands they've created and a reputation for giving surfers something fresh and new. I see more companies making the attempt to go down this path and try to satisfy the needs of surfers still willing to pay.

— J$tyle$, MaxCash.com