Social Media Stats and Strategies

Joe D

We’re all seeking to monetize our e-commerce efforts in every way possible, and you can’t move without seeing another article on viral video marketing and the utilization of social networks to drive traffic and revenues.

I came across an opportunity this week to hear a speaker who may share some real knowledge on the subject with anyone interesting in participating. If you are continuing to develop and enhance your social network marketing expertise, Geoff Ramsey, CEO of eMarketer.com will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday, May 7, 2009, 1 PM ET:

Social Media Stats and Strategies: Success Stories Marketers Need to Know

EMarketer says he will address the exciting and challenging subject, separating the hype from the reality – if he succeeds, that will be novel and refreshing ;-) He is expected to delve into the critical issues facing marketers as they endeavor to "join consumer conversations" taking place on social forums, blogs, Twitter and other community-focused online venues.

In addition to sizing the market for social network consumer participation and the advertising dollars spent on social sites, Mr. Ramsey plans to showcase the most important data, opportunities, threats, best practices and case studies that marketers need in order to navigate their way through the social media maze – according to their published promotion of the event.

Some real information on the true size and scope of the social market would be welcome, along with some realistic assessment of the potential returns, opportunities, and especially the pitfalls – and of course, what does the future hold?


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