Customer Service Strategies

XBIZ World Magazine
Recently, XBIZ World Magazine asked several industry players "How does your company approach customer service?"

Here's what they had to say:

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back and about sending them away happy — happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, who may then try the product or service you offer for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers.

— John Jackson, director of marketing, TwatCash

We feel that customer service is just as important as delivering a good product. Especially in the anonymous world of online adult, it is absolutely necessary to provide high quality and timely responses to all questions customers might have. We believe that sending out anonymous standard responses that do not really help customers will decrease the product's value. So instead we try to establish a customer relationship. That means for us, a real person with a real name will take care of a specific problem. In the end, this approach will also help make online (porn) distribution safer and more attractive to all surfers.

— Maik Herrmann, owner AlphaMaleCash

It's important to make the customer feel like their problem is your problem. Even if you can't resolve the issue perfectly, if they know you tried everything possible and were concerned with their needs, they will feel the outcome was positive and worthwhile.

— Jeremiah R Lamborn, IT/IS NetBilling

There are now so many people in the industry that basically do the same things I do, so when a customer does have an issue or needs assistance on something, I think it's really important that not only do you show them you appreciate their $24.99-a-month they could of spent anywhere, but you honestly want them to get the full value of what you're offering in the first place. For every person having a issue, you can bet there are 10 more experiencing the same thing that just don't bother to say anything. Handling things quickly can not only save you time spent on customer service issues, but can affect rebills and that "value" I want to give them.

— CIVMatt, Photographer/Owner Amateur Pimps approaches customer service from a multidimensional methodology. Seeing that we are operating multiple affiliate platforms, interacting with webmasters, interacting with consumers and interacting with various third party partners, it is our objective to use customer service as a means to personalize the anonymity that exists on the Internet. We accomplish this by being master communicators, offering full disclosure, transparency and being accessible 24/7. Customer service also is a function of our sales department. Our representatives have the opportunity to provide added value products to be included in the sales cycle or to compensate irate customers to maintain their loyalty. Furthermore, customer service is a form of branding. In a competitive market, offering exceptional customer service also is an effective vehicle to create strong brand value.

— CE Albert, vice president of business development and strategy,

It's personalized. Each customer/merchant has his or her own unique needs. There is no "one size fits all" for iProcessing customers.

— Hilda Tuel, partner, iProcessing LLC

Every affiliate and member is important to us and garners our full attention and support. We strive to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and attentiveness. We listen to our customers carefully and help them to succeed with insight gained by over 10 years in the adult industry running both free sites and pay sites. Our staff is helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and will take the extra step to insure the satisfaction of our affiliates and members. Promote our top-converting exclusive teen niche sites and we will help you succeed.

— Lisa Jamsran, president, Teen Cash

Whether it's on the consumer's end, or the affiliate's, I like to make people feel overly satisfied with our interaction. If there's an affiliate who needs a custom tool or content, we're more than willing to accommodate each and every affiliate we have. It's a privilege to have someone promoting you, not vice versa.

— Ricky D, president, Hype Dough