Just when you thought it was safe!

Colin Rowntree
Ah, the sweet smell of freedom in the air with the new U.S. administration! BUT - WTF is going on in the U.K., Germany and Australia now? Some sort of trickle down effect now bringing censorship to our other traditionally friendly and profitable places to market adult content?

Over the past few months, I've been following the new developments in the U.K., and those are the most Draconian legislations that intend to criminally penalize surfers for even looking at BDSM and other "offensive materials" on the web.

Germany has always been a bit of a thorn in our side since they adopted the law that German Citizens need to go to the post office and get a "porn permit" (but, I don't think many Germans actually do this!). However, Germany is now tightening up on freedom to see what you want, when you want, on the web (including fat German businessmen in latex diapers splashing around in wading pools. Most disturbing!)

I have also been following the situation in Australia which is now blocking domains at the surfer ISP level. Our long-term pal, Karen, from "For The Girls" (an Australian women's erotica site) has posted some very disturbing information about new trends "Down Under".

And, OMG! Amsterdam is slowly closing down the Red Light District, moving the whole thing to Utrecht! Hmm. Not exactly a garden vacation destination! Belgium now has a new censorship program in place that no one really understands, but isn't that the traditional Belgian way of doing things? Even Denmark, original country for print magazine porn in the 1970's is getting on the bandwagon. It would seem the only major last hold-out is our beloved France. "Do you hear the people sing?" (see photo above for angry French mob scene. Bad Les Miserables pun. Sorry!) The list goes on and on......

I'll give my plug here for the Free Speech Coalition. Not that they can do much outside of the USA, but it's a good organization to hook up with to stay on top of censorship issues.

Yours in Porn,
Colin at Wasteland.com
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