Webbilling.com Spurs Global Consideration at Phoenix Forum

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We returned to our office yesterday following The Tenth Annual Phoenix Forum, excited about our successful outreach to so many at this great milestone trade show event and our continuing ability to enable merchants to add market share and significant revenue increases in Q1 2009 despite current economic conditions. We spoke with so many scrambling to identify opportunities to expand their markets and replace and improve deteriorating sales in specific geographic regions through inside-the-box thinking, innovation and improvisation, efficiency analysis, and improved billing and distribution. Many companies had become complacent, satisfied with revenues historically generated through credit card billing. With the current credit crunch and many experiencing an online sales plateau or decline - especially in North America - they are now investigating regionally preferred billing methods and specifically areas within the EU region, South America, Asia and elsewhere, to fuel revenue replacement and growth this year. There is an associated cost-per-acquisition for each person landing on your website; you must capitalize on this investment by enabling them to purchase once they arrive and decide to buy!

For over ten years, Webbilling.com has focused on the use of direct debit for the conversion of European traffic with the same immediacy, ease, and with the same marketing tools enjoyed with credit card billing and we are committed to continuing the Webbilling mission to provide debit focused and additional products to merchants at reasonable rates, with all the capability for maximizing global revenue, including immediate access, recurring billing, free and multiple free trials, cross sales, up sells, escalating security levels, pay-per-anything packages, encrypted one-click joins for additional marketing, flexible customized risk management systems, and aggressive collection division – along with targeted translations and conversion strategy coaching, so the potential is great and there is more on the way.

Webbilling Global Operations Director, Ines Petersen, participated in the Monetizing Emerging Markets seminar on Saturday – just one of a Phoenix Forum Seminar Lineup that raised the bar for all future events in terms of coverage, interest and attendance - and said, “It’s ironic that so many consider our platform an ‘alternative’ payment method, as from my perspective as a European; we provide a proven platform for the preferred primary billing method for our best markets. It’s really about perspective.”

Maintain all your existing successful billing solutions throughout this recessionary period; just optimize alternatives that fit your cascade to maximize your EUR, GBP, and global revenue. Same Traffic = More Joins. This is found money – you are already doing all the work to get these customers to your sites.

You can increase your revenues billing Great Britain with online direct debit with guarantee, and bill additional key markets including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Spain where credit cards are also the alternative billing method - and process for an additional 43 EU countries and more around the world with Advanced Direct Pay. In most cases with Webbilling.com, your only cost of entry is simply the time it takes your programmer with the API. NATS and MPA3 integrations are even easier.

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Anyone not attending The Phoenix Forum this year really missed out. This event eclipsed even itself, from the traditional Welcome and Tenth Anniversary Celebration right through the close. There was absolutely something for everyone every minute, with each activity transitioning right into the next – from Sunrise to Sunrise if you wanted! This is truly an event with no down time… The CCBill Team was everywhere - active and visible every second as always, accommodating every request, providing for overall event success and individual requests to improve attendee interaction and ROI – Surely our hosts were dealing with hidden issues as with any large event, but from my viewpoint this Forum was flawless. If you didn't make it, plan to attend The Atlanta Forum in September - put it on your calendar now because Tony Morgan's National Net team is already well along in the planning.

Please contact me for a future trade show appointment or conference call so we can show you exactly how you can leverage and find solutions to current economic conditions for your specific products and programs. Write me at marketing@webbilling.com

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