Intellichat Saves Membership Sales

Stephen Yagielowicz
Times are tough for many adult paysites, and their operators increasingly have to refine and expand their marketing and sales approaches to maximize the value of their traffic investments. Part of the traditional brick-and-mortar sales process is the use of sales staff to assist customers and close the deal. Now, forward-thinking adult website operators have a virtual solution to the problem of saving a sale with the introduction of Intellichat Adult.

Intellichat Head of Business Development Billy Thomas said the technology was introduced to the mainstream about 18 months ago and is in use on a few thousand websites worldwide.

"We decided to branch out and develop Intellichat Adult, which is an exclusive version for the adult industry," Thomas told XBIZ. "We have edited the original system and added a whole range of additional features to become the forefront in adult automated sales technology, offering our clients a completely bespoke service."

Since the online adult industry began, everybody involved believed it would remain recession-proof, but with the recent economic downturn, the adult industry is starting to feel the strain.

"With the economy on a low, people are now looking for free content, causing conversion rates to slump and the cost of advertising to soar, meaning getting effective visitors to your website is more expensive than ever," Thomas said. "Keeping visitors on their page and converting them into paying customers is now essential for webmasters, but with a rising number of tube sites that are offering an endless amount of free content, converting a new visitor into a paying customer is proving to be harder than ever before."

The solution, Thomas believes, can be found in the application of artificial-intelligence agents as customer service tools designed to recover an otherwise lost sale. Intellichat Adult is a new-age sales solution using the latest in cutting-edge artificial intelligence software by interacting with web users when they try to leave a website without signing up or making a purchase.

"Intellichat Adult is primarily used as a sales tool to increase the sales conversion rate of a client's website," Thomas said. "Usually a special last-minute discount is offered as an incentive to the visitor in an attempt to convert them into a customer."

The success of Intellichat can be assigned to the fact that every client's agents are programmed bespoke for their own website, catering to the client's needs and totally customizable to their wishes. "We have a team of professional writers to create our custom transcripts and designers to design our custom windows and editing visuals/images and videos," Thomas added.

Intellichat Adult recently integrated with Too Much Media's flagship NATS affiliate-tracking software, allowing clients to implement the chat support service with ease.

"With a few clicks within the NATS control panel, things can be set up," Thomas said. "They choose the option of using Intellichat, we then get notified. Their account is set up free of charge; we supply them with custom transcripts/custom windows and can even give the option of a video feature within the chat box."

The NATS integration enables network owners to credit the existing affiliate as well as Intellichat Adult for the saved sale, making the service even more attractive for adult operators seeking to recruit and retain the best affiliates possible.

"Affiliates are happy as they see an increased conversion rate for the traffic they are sending, so they are making more money," Thomas added. "Webmasters don't see our service as an extra cost either, as we only take a percentage of the affiliate payout. Our system is 100 percent pay-per-performance, so we only get paid if we save a sale."

One of the service's newest features is the ability to use a custom video chat window or using one of 20 Intellichat unbranded videos, featuring Lexi Belle, Ashli Orion, Codi Carmichale and Alain Stafford.

According to the guys over at Metal Cash, the service has been a big plus to their program. "Intellichat is great," they said. "They set up all of our (30-plus) sites very quickly with custom chat window designs that no other company could match. They're helpful and fast to respond to any questions or problems. We love the joins Intellichat recovers for us and will certainly be leaving them on our tours forever."

With testimonials like that, Intellichat is sure to have a bright future in adult. Give it a try on your membership site and see if you can give your "unsold" prospects a good reason to join.