I am Your Customer: What Do I Want?

Rob Hoover
I am your customer: do you know who your customers or surfers are and what they want?

The more you know about your customers or surfers the more money you can make. If you would like to find out what your surfers and customers are thinking and watching this will help you target what they would like without them requesting it or telling you.

When a surfer comes to your site they have created a log file on your server, possibly showing a referring website that will help you to see what they were looking at before coming to your site. This will allow you to target what the surfer was interested in before coming to your site, giving you a better chance to make a sale, so review your referring log files to see what site the surfer / customer was at before coming to your website.

For example, say you are featuring gay amateur movies on your homepage and all of your referring sites are gay black websites. I would suggest that you feature gay black on your homepage and not gay amateur. This will help you convert your traffic based on referring websites.

I once helped an affiliate convert better who was promoting straight amateur movies on his homepage; we looked at his referring sites to see most of his referring sites were gay. He updated his homepage to reflect gay movies on the homepage, and then he converted his traffic better and made more money.

Another great way to know your customers is to see what movies they watch the most and feature those movies first.

For example, I setup a movie theater with all movies; gay, straight, lesbian, etc. Then in two days I review the 'movies watched' section to see what movies my surfers and customers watched and then make the most watched movies featured as the default category on the home page.

Doing this will help match with the movies watched to the referring source of traffic and lead to increased sales. Try it with your own traffic and see for yourself.