Partner Account Requester

Stephen Yagielowicz
For adult webmasters involved in either running a thumbnail gallery or movie post (TGP/MGP), or in the submission of galleries to these websites, the growing role of "partner accounts" will come as no surprise. Indeed, it seems that nearly every gallery post offers such accounts these days – while many have decided to only accept submissions from partners, rather than from "just anyone."

There's at least two good reasons for the popularity of partner accounts: From the gallery post website owner's perspective, partner accounts allow for a better chance at quality control.

By requiring more information from submitters and demanding a higher degree of professionalism in the galleries that are submitted, TGP/MGP owners can ensure a steady flow of high-quality galleries with less abusive galleries containing banned HTML, excessive links, or dialers and the like, being listed. Going this route is an especially easy choice for website owners that regularly receive more gallery submissions than they can post on a daily basis. By shrinking the pool of candidate galleries to only "the best" it becomes much easier for owners to review submissions and display "the cream of the crop" – with less fear of those galleries being changed after posting, or of other problems with them. In the end, it's all about knowing (and choosing) who you're dealing with.

From the gallery submitter's perspective, having a partner account is not only necessary to be listed at many TGP/MGP sites, but it's also a way to have some of the rules relaxed. For example, partners are often allowed a higher number of daily submissions, more outbound links plus a much higher chance of having immediate approval and listing. Since the website owner knows what to expect from partners, they (the partners) have an overall easier time.

Nothing is perfect, however, including partner accounts; with cheaters still cheating, no matter what their status. Still, partner status allows both TGP/MGP site owners and gallery submitters to make an often-challenging situation "better."

As with gallery submission, the process of requesting partner accounts from hundreds of TGPs/MGPs is tedious at best. While it's a fairly simple matter for the website owner to review partner requests – checking sample galleries and reviewing the submitter's information; it's not so easy for the applicant. Not only do those sites offering (or demanding) partner accounts need to be identified, but the repetitive process of entering the same gallery URLs and information such as email addresses, references and the like can become very time-consuming. There is also the matter of how the request should be submitted – with some sites using an online form, while others require an email and still others accepting them via ICQ.

Complicate these issues with the fact that you may not be accepted on your first try at getting an account and have to re-request later, as well as the logistical burden of keeping track of the sites you've requested accounts from, the status of those requests, the user name and password that you're issued from sites where you've been given an account, etc., etc. and you can easily see that this is a process begging for automation...

Chameleon to the Rescue (Again)
Most players in the TGP/MGP game will be familiar with Chameleon, the folks behind the powerhouse auto-submission and confirmation tools. Well, they've done it again; coming to the rescue of partner account seeking gallery submitters with their new Partner Account Requester database software.

This powerful tool not only provides users with a database of TGPs/MGPs that accept partner accounts (612 of these sites with today's update), but an easy to use interface that allows users to create multiple profiles; with separate information including email addresses for each, custom email templates where the software will replace template codes with such things as gallery URLs and ICQ numbers, plus a variety of other features allowing users to easily request and manage partner accounts.

Using Chameleon's Partner Account Requester (PAR) is a simple four-step process: Users begin by creating a partner profile, including their name, email address, ICQ number, hosting information, requested logins and more. Sample gallery information is then entered either manually, or imported from Chameleon Submitter by those with a current CS license. You don't have to be a Chameleon Submitter user to use Chameleon Partner Account Requester, but the two work beautifully together – and you're really missing out if you're not a regular CS user.

Next, requests for partner accounts are sent (either via online form or email as required) to the TGP/MGP sites. PAR allows you to select the number of windows you use during this process, choosing more when you have a speedy Internet connection or less when you have a slow connection. This allows broadband users to dramatically speed up the process by submitting multiple requests at once.

Finally, PAR allows users to manage their partner accounts, listing the user name / password combos and exporting the information to Chameleon Submitter which will automatically provide this login to the appropriate sites during the gallery auto-submission process.

Users of Chameleon Submitter will appreciate not only its tight integration with PAR, but the familiar interface and operational modes.

While (as with all software) there's a learning curve to effectively using PAR, its robust, context-sensitive help files easily answer most questions and provide many helpful tips and tricks. Users needing more help will appreciate the company's excellent support staff.

As with all of Chameleon's time-saving products, Partner Account Requester is worth the money and far too feature-laden to be adequately described in a simple review like this. For those who are serious about gallery submissions, Chameleon's Partner Account Requester – like its Submitter and Confirmer – is a "must have" tool. I highly recommend you check it out.

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