Sharks, Jets, and Geeks?

Colin Rowntree
Okay, back to ranting a bit. Not as bad as the movie "Network", but right up there......

This economy is taking its toll on our industry and I am seeing it every day as far as people's level of panic.

Every day, folks that have worked together for a decade are ripping each other's throats out to make an extra dollar. This obviously sucks.

Some feedback I got from several long-time big players with over 10 years in the industry over the phone today:

Content Distributor: It's like the wild west! You go and stake your claim on a gold mine, go into town to have dinner, come back, and somebody built a saloon on your claim and 5 miners are digging your dirt! Only answer is litigation. Sigh.....

Traffic and Affiliate Programs: Since the economy went South, it is like the old school industry has turned into opposing Urban gangs shooting each other in the neck in drive by shootings, with the colorful added features of all of the non-adult guys showing up at the scene, like a bus load of prep school dudes that just walked into a gunfight.

I am personally seeing these acts of desperation every day, with people and vendors I have worked with for 12 years trying to screw every dime they can out of me just to stay in business.

Where does it end? I have no idea. Wasteland has a good infrastructure and has thus far been weathering the storm. But, I am seeing chaos around the industry..

Take care...... The knives are out in full..... Beware of Brutus.......

Colin at wasteland.com