New Sensations Cash is Money in the Bank

John Stuart
Nearly a decade ago, New Sensations studio owner Scott Taylor decided to supplement his production company with an Internet presence. The result was the affiliate program NS Cash. In the 10 years that followed, NS Cash has grown to more than 100 sites, offering almost unlimited content.

"A surfer could watch 10 videos per day for a year, and he still wouldn't see all the videos in our network," boasts Fade Saab, who is in charge of internal development and affiliate support for NS Cash. "And that's pretty much all-inclusive, because with most of our sites, when a surfer joins one, he gets all of them. Someone joining New Sensations, for example, not only gets access to that site. He gets access to about 25 other sites."

Saab points to the surfer-friendly policies of NS Cash as one of the keys to its success.

"We don't shaft our surfers like some other companies in the industry," he explains. "We don't have any false advertising and don't have any hidden cross sales. Some companies hide cross sales on their join pages. The surfer thinks he's signing up for just one site, when in reality he's automatically joined a number of other sites hidden at the bottom of the page. It might wind up costing the surfer $100 extra.

"We do have cross sales, but they're visible and they offer value. They're all legitimate and, most importantly, they're all easily cancelled. With us, what you see is what you get. With other companies, the cross sales are hidden, and I've seen surfers get nailed for as much as $140."

"We take pride in servicing the surfer. We realize that is our customer base, and since competition in this business is very fierce, we want to keep those surfers and members happy. It all starts with good content, good service and delivering on our promises."

But surfers are only part of the NS Cash customer base. The company has to take care of its webmasters, too. With this in mind, NS Cash offers one of the most liberal revenue-sharing arrangements in the business.

"We offer a true 60 percent revenue share," Saab says. "This comes out to almost 70 percent, compared to most companies. By true revenue sharing, I mean that we don't deduct processing fees like most revenue sharing programs out there. I think the average processing fee deduction comes to 10 or 11 percent. We give 60 percent, and we pay the cost of processing. We don't pass it on to the webmaster.

"If you have a $100 signup, you get $60. So compared to other companies out there, our revenue share comes to 70 or 75 percent. Also, some companies charge a few dollars for a check-writing fee. We don't do that. We don't have that fine print, which a lot of sponsors have, listing all their deductions.

"We also have promo days in which we offer a true 80 percent revenue share, which lasts for the lifetime of that membership. If someone signs up a customer for $100, they not only get $80 that day, they get $80 every time the membership is renewed."

About a year ago, NS Cash introduced an alternative-payment method for webmasters who want to promote their sites, called pay-per-signup. Instead of taking the 60 to 80 percent revenue share, webmasters can choose to receive $25 per signup. This gives them more money up front, but they wind up with less money in the long haul.

"It's a one-time thing," Saab explains, "where the webmaster gets $25 and the rebills are ours. Under this setup, you don't share revenue. You just get paid per signup. We just did a $50 PPS promo last summer, and we're planning an $80 PPS promo in the next couple of months.

"But it's a testament to how successful our revenue-sharing payments are, that 90 percent of our webmasters did not switch over to PPS, even though they would make more money up front. This shows that our webmasters intend to stay with us for a long time."

These generous terms are not the only reason why NS Cash is so well respected in the adult arena. Saab believes that the firm's excellent reputation is a major factor in the steady growth of NS Cash.

"We've been around since 1999, so we're established in the industry as a company that is ethical," he adds. "We've shied away from the shady business practices that have cropped up recently in the adult industry. We have a very long term outlook regarding our business model, and that's how we treat our customers and our webmasters. Trust is a very important part of this industry, and everyone in it knows who we are. It starts with management and goes all the way down through the staff.

"We probably have the best customer support in the business. If somebody wants to cancel their membership, we offer credit. We don't let it go to a chargeback. We try to fix the problem. We also have a ticketing system for members' customer support, and anything that gets left for more than 12 hours is marked 'overdue.' It is then flagged, and a customer support representative has to get to it quickly. With the exception of weekends, tickets on webmasters and surfer sites rarely stay longer than 12 hours.

"In addition to this, we don't run any quick money-making schemes or scams. Our sites are excellent. For example, our New Sensations site has more than 3,000 exclusive scenes. I don't know of any other company that can boast of that many exclusive scenes.

"Our retention is fantastic, compared to other companies. Our conversion ratios from trials to full membership also are great. I believe the industry average is around 25 percent conversion from trial. Our conversion rate is far above that. That just shows how content does matter, along with service and delivering on the promises we make to our surfers."

With all of these positives, it might tempt the officers of NS Cash to sit back on their laurels. Nothing could be further from the truth. The firm is constantly making tweaks, renovating its sites and even downsizing its business, in some respects.

"Right now we're in the process of redesigning and re-launching all of our most popular sites," Saab says. "We've also scaled back some of our less popular sites. We're adding more content to our most profitable sites, fixing their navigation and adding more wide-screen videos to accommodate larger resolutions. We've been doing this for the last six months, so it's still a work in progress."

NS Cash also is adding new sites in the coming months, including a few massive "all-you-can-eat" DVD sites. Soon, the new "Triple-X Movie Files" site will launch as a DVD-download venue.

"We're also planning a mega-site called 'Unlimited MILF,'" Saab adds, "and we're launching sites in the 'homemade' genre. These feature real content, and it's been one of our most successful ventures to date. One site is called 'Homemade Video Pass,' which allows members to get five homemade sites. Another homemade site, 'My Dirty Teen Girlfriend,' will be launched at the end of this year. These sites will offer authentic video shot by people in their homes and not by porn stars in a studio. We're getting heavily into the homemade genre because our present site, 'Stolen Porn Videos,' has done so well for us."

And so it seems that NS Cash will continue to improve, ensuring the firm will maintain its lofty position in the adult-affiliate marketplace.