Top 10 Tools for Today's Adult Webmaster

James Edwards
With a wild political season, a massive wall-street bailout, and the stock market crash, one might assume the adult webmaster has been upstaged. In reality, adult entertainment is one of the most recession-proof industries on the Internet. When a web surfer has lost his job, his girlfriend and/or wife, maybe even his house, what better place to drown one's sorrows in than the salacious world of online content?

Every second over 25,000 users are viewing adult content from the Web. Every second over $3,000 is being spent by whales and other customers for amorous adventures within their browsers. Yes, 2008 has been a rocky year, and even for the online entertainer it has been a year of consolidation. For the most part, these top-ten software offerings represent a refinement of new technologies, not the pioneering of them.

Wireless content, streaming video, CMS tools, and other nifty Internet gadgets are not new to 2008. This is not 1992 where the HTTP protocol itself was invented by Berners-Lee in Switzerland. No, this was a year of improving existing technology, making it more accessible and less labor-intensive for the adult webmaster.

1. Android (
Android is an operating system for mobile devices first developed by Google and then the Open Handset Alliance. This platform wins first place for online adult software, even though adult entertainment is only beginning to be ported to Android. The reason android is listed as number one, is that wireless content is the new frontier for the adult webmaster and now, with Android's easy Java-like language and its open-source accessibility, there will be a gold-rush of webmasters seeking to satisfy a new customer base that prefers cell-phones and other wireless devices to their traditional PC.

2. MPA3 (
This year Mansion Productions unveiled version 2.0 of their Affiliate Program Software MPA3®, aptly named "The Mother of all Automation Programs." With the adult webmaster in mind, Oystein Wright, CEO of Mansion Productions, and his team, have developed and support multiple software solutions to increase webmasters' efficiency and profitability. Like Mansion's Content Management System, MAS. "Both MAS and MPA3 are designed to ease the webmasters every day chores, and of course to make their bottom-line revenues soar," Wright said.

3. GRSeo Search Engine Optimizer (
"So much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens," Walt Whitman reminds us. So before we get carried away with all this new technology, we must beat the competition with basic tools as well. GRSoft's Search Engine Optimizer helps us do just that, by creating pages, titles, and meta tags based on intelligent real-time analytics of the major search engines, thus helping your URL's rise to the top of searches for the purpose of seizing more adult traffic.

4. Rabbit Vibrator and Cyberskin VSex Stroker (
Yes, as a capitalist of online pleasure, the adult webmaster must always look for new markets to penetrate before the competition. Our fourth place winner goes to both a male and female hardware device in the brave-new world of teledildonics — the art of broadcasting sex using machines, a world where live sex operators can control real-time sex toys for thousands of online customers, while doing live shows. Although our entry is more of a hardware offering, offers interactive client software and games with their CD.

5. Adult Mobile Solutions White Label WAP (
Even though Android beats AMS's White Label WAP in our list, AMS offers a quick and integrated way for adult webmasters to go wireless on a vareity of platforms, not just Andriod. With integrated sound, graphics, and even a thumbnail search engines, White Label WAP will give your content immediate power with mobile users. More importantly, mobile billing is different than traditional credit-card models, and AMS offers WAP modules that make this transition easier. WAP also offers nifty features for your mobile customers, like chat interfaces, the abilty to zoom in on images, and a menu-driven adaptive interface.

6. SonicWall (
Today's webmaster can be bombarded with fake email to slow down or freeze their website. This is done by either the competition or random malicious individuals. Email phishing is also a nefarious way to steal passwords and personal information. SonicWall can protect your business from both, using advanced algorithms to detect email phishing and bad e-mail traffic practices by a sender that can slow-down or crash your servers.

7. Yahoo Evolution and AIM Evolution Bot Packages ( is formed by a unique group of programmers that have mastered the art of bot creation for both AIM and Yahoo messaging systems. Their software packages make our top ten list, not simply due to the benefit of unleashing virtual models into cyberspace to lure customers to your content. Bodeezy is listed because their software is in the category of artificial intelligence, which will be used more in conjunction with many of the new technologies listed above, such as teledildonics and mobile communication. Boodeezy also offers other nifty tools that automate the creation and maintenance of accounts and postings for large social networking sites like Craigslist and Myspace.

8. Joomla! (
Joomla makes our list because it is free. Joomla is an easy-to-use open-source Content Mangaement System and website builder. The open-source community around Joomla is impressive. Sites like, offer extensive add-ons that work with the Joomla software, which runs as a MySQL application. With Joomla you can build powerful adult search engines, live streaming and broadcasting portals, and purchase templates that allow for shopping carts, billing, and subscriptions. More recently, third party vendors have begun to offer mobile interfaces that allow a Joomla website to be viewed by a PDA or other wireless device.

9. Metrix Stream (
Metrix Stream is another CMS tool designed to make content delivery easier. The reason Metrix makes our top ten list is that it caters to the adult video guru directly. Metrix Stream is not just a CMS tool, it is an advanced delivery mechanism for High-Definition content, having the ability to deliver streams of media powered by Adobe Flash. For webmasters with high-quality streaming video, who are worried about bandwidth, a product like Metrix Stream has to be considered. If you are planning to go mobile in 2009, Mobi Metrix is also offered as a WAP-based platform designed for quick content delivery to wireless customers. Coming soon, is Metrix VOD, a video-on-demand software platform designed for online commerce.

10. MySQL (
Yes, our tenth pick is not news. We chose MySQL because, in this era of economic slowdown, MySQL has thrived and worked to improve its database engine. Many of the applications that are listed above, depend on MySQL as their data repository. With new features like high-availability and encryption and a strong interface to PHP, Java, and .Net, MySQL will always be on the top ten list for the adult webmaster, since so many other applications run around the relational database that MySQL offers. With Sun's acquisition of MySQL, the future only seems brighter for the database of choice for the adult webmaster.