The Future of Adult Technology

XBIZ World Magazine
Recently, XBIZ World Magazine asked several industry players "What is the most exciting technology on the horizon for adult?"

Here's what they had to say:

Live webcam chat is the most exciting current and future technology for adult because it is extremely personalized and the possibilities are limitless. We've seen a push towards the socialization of the Internet over the past few years, and webcam chat is the ultimate extension of this. For the webmaster, live cams present the one area of upsells that can generate exponential revenue per customer. For the end-user, live cams present the ultimate in personalized experience. As the web becomes more interconnected, webcams provide the best real-time experience for a customer to live out his or her fantasy.

— Greg Clayman, VideoSecrets.com

The most exiting technology on the horizon is mobile. With mobile bandwidth finally being able to display decent video quality, I imagine a lot of businessmen looking to rub one out in washrooms of commuter trains.

— Laurel Hertz, SwankDollars.com

"Personalized Porn" — like what you see at JibJab.com. A guy can upload his face and a girl's face that he wants to do a virtual sex scene with, and the video system superimposes the images — just like how you see people who photochop things like putting Sarah Palin's head on a bikini body. People could also load their faces for both parts, if they wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with themselves. The technology is not here now, but it could be. You can do this now sort of — at JibJab.com and other sites where you upload a head shot and it puts it on a body and have it so your mouth moves to whatever music or song is playing.

— Brandon Shalton, FightThePatent.com

I think the merging of social community sites and members area sites is fascinating. Where the user now has the ability to edit, interact and become a true director of his favorite site among other things is awesome. The technologies that allow that are slowly coming to the forefront and will change the traditional members area forever.

— Derek Smout, WebCamCash.com

Adult has been on the forefront of technology on the Internet arguably since its inception. The beauty of this industry is that the technology is constantly evolving and it's not typically in one area alone. For example, on the horizon we have emerging technology such as the evolution of Web 2.0 features, the expansion of mobile technologies, and even virtual reality type toys.

— Luca Bizzotto, president, Triple10Vault.com

I would say the one very basic but highly important technological advance that is happening every day is the expansion of high-speed Internet connections for potential members throughout the world. I mean basically our business thrives off the "newbie" — that person who just got their new computer and for the first time have access to a high-speed Internet connection. They are ready to join and buy almost anything. So the one basic exciting technology on the horizon for all of us selling porn and dating services is the advance of high-speed Internet connections throughout the world.

— Jesse Goldberg, president and CEO, AdultDatingDollars.com