Niche TGPs for Profit: 1

Ayrora Temple
Editor's note: On September 1, Ayrora Temple soft-launched her first Thumbnail Gallery Post (TGP) at Amateurs Guide, a project that she'll be telling you about now and again. As she masters the techniques of running a profitable niche TGP facing 2005's realities, she'll share with you a few of the tips, tools and tricks she'll uncover along the way, as well as some of the thinking behind them. Hopefully you will benefit from them as well:

Some people love them. Some people hate them. Everyone wants one. Lots of folks already have several of them. TGPs, that is...

Recently, I launched my own thumbnail gallery and movie post at and I'd like to share some things about it with you. Now before you start moaning and thinking "Great, just what the Internet needs – another TGP!" I need to tell you that this site isn't going to be your average gallery post – not by a long shot. While it's starting from humble beginnings, my intentions are to take it to a whole new level of adult website. Curious as to how and why? Then read on:

Traffic In, Traffic Out
Let's start at the beginning: When I first started kicking the idea for this site around, it wasn't because I wanted to run a TGP. I have my own amateur pay site and what I wanted was a reliable traffic source that would feed it some fresh visitors. The easiest thing to do would be to simply buy traffic, and while I'm not opposed to doing so, not all of those surfers would be interested in me or my offer.

Why not make a custom landing page for bulk traffic that would feature my website, plus some of my girlfriends and sponsors, too? After all, just because someone has an interest in amateur porn, doesn't mean that mature gypsy girls turn them on. Maybe the young blonde next door is what does it for them. This is the type of application that most websites use exit consoles for; but as more and more surfers are blocking pop-ups, perhaps a better choice could be found.

At this point, what I was now searching for was a combination of a targeted traffic pump, exit console and landing page – something that I would receive traffic from and send traffic to. As I'm not the only girl who would find such a tool to be useful, why not allow others to make use of it as well? After all, some of the folks looking at the young blondes would rather have a mature gypsy girl...

So on top of my other requirements, let's add a facility for other girls and website owners to submit their galleries. They would get some traffic, and by requiring a reciprocal link, I would get some back. A TGP with a twist was born.

I didn't want to be bogged down with a lot of complexities. I simply wanted to automate the process of accepting galleries, verifying a reciprocal link and then posting them. There would (for now) be no archives, and by allowing only text links to submitted galleries, I could completely bypass any 2257 complications.

I set up a simple template, created a few forms, made some softcore thumbs, linked them to some of my girlfriend's sites and looked for galleries to jump-start my site with.

Since I was just starting out, I made use of the GigaBlaster gallery tool from GigaCash to initially populate my TGP and then opened it up to submissions. Submissions aren't always easy to come by, however, especially when you only have two categories (amateur photos and amateur videos), so I emailed the folks at Chameleon Submitter to have my site added to their submission database. Since I already use their kick-ass auto-submission software, this was an easy choice. I also formatted my TGP to offer 30 character descriptions in line with one of Chameleon Submitter's default description length fields to make things easier and to avoid truncated titles as much as possible.

I've opened my site up to partner account requests and will tweak my process to fit in seamlessly with Chameleon's new Partner Account Requester software over the next few days.

At this point, I've laid the foundation for my website and am now ready to see it grow. While there's nothing too revolutionary about it today (except for my expectations), this will change in the weeks and months ahead. Follow along and see for yourself.