Broad Mainstream Coverage of Gerard Damiano's Passing

Tom Hymes
Famed director Gerard Damiano died Saturday after having suffered a stroke last month, and the mainstream press is covering his passing in a big way.

As the director of the 1972 cultural phenomenon "Deep Throat," Damiano deserves the attention. Shot for 25 grand over 6 days, the success of the seminal porn flick is often pointed to as the tipping point moment when adult entertainment became an accepted, if often shunned, member of the artistic community.

Thus far, Google News has identified several hundred news sites around the world that have posted stories about Damiano death at 80, including BBC News, The Associated Press, Time and even The Houston Chronicle's Spanish edition.

It's funny. I remember when "Deep Throat" came out, I think I even went to see it in a theater, which was probably the first and maybe last time I watched porn publicly like that. I remember thinking that the production quality was pretty shitty throughout, but I'll never forget Linda Lovelace's insane deep throating abilities. Even years and thousands of scenes later, that early exposure to such natural talent is still seared into my brain. Something similar happened on a national, maybe international, level.

Thanks for the memories, Gerard. May the angels transport you swiftly and sweetly toward your everlasting bliss.