Heavy Bloggers = Heavy Content Consumers

Joe D

As comScore data shows, heavy users of U.S. blog sites are significantly more likely than the average Internet user to consume online news and entertainment content.

“As blogs continue to grow in both quality and audience size, both traditional and non-traditional advertisers are increasingly putting their online ad dollars towards reaching this group of consumers,” stated Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore. “This highly informed, tech savvy, and entertainment-oriented consumer segment is consistent with the profile of an ‘influencer,’ which is of course a particularly attractive audience to reach.”

For purposes of the comScore study, heavy bloggers were defined as the heaviest 20 percent of blog visitors, accounting for 84 percent of all time spent on blogging sites. Since blogs can often be described as both informative and entertaining, the results are not surprising. Data supports heavy users of blog sites as more likely than the average Internet user to consume online news and entertainment content.

They are also significantly more likely to consume content at politics and general news sites, and also consume a disproportionate amount of content on entertainment news, humor, movies and photo-sharing sites.

Consistent with site category findings, heavy bloggers are heavy consumers of content of multiple individual news and entertainment sites. Heavy bloggers consumed more than three times the content on social news ranking site Digg.com as the average Internet user, and also exhibited well above average consumption of content at other news sites. These included CTVGlobeMedia, DrudgeReport.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Salon.com and ABC News Digital.

On the entertainment side, heavy bloggers skewed toward content at PerezHilton.com and CollegeHumor Network. Extended viewing of webhosting sites Rapidshare AG and Megaupload.com also support conclusions that heavy bloggers are tech savvy and online do-it-yourselfers.

So grow your networks and get into blogs and bloggers!



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