A Blast From The Past

Colin Rowntree
Look at me! I'm Kiko Lee!!!!!

This is just too funny in retrospect. Found this archived interview today on Google from 1997 when I was interviewed on Naughtychat.com, in my personae of "Kiko Lee" - beautiful Asian model that in the early days, was the public voice for Wasteland.com (it was actually me, a hairy old dude sitting in his underwear in the basement!)

Here's the interview transcript. Read it and weep with joyful tears of how easy it was a short 11 years ago to spin things and build community in that kinder and gentler time on the net...... Wow! did we REALLY only charge $49.95 per year with no recurring billing?????? LOL

Original Interview transcript at http://web.archive.org/web/20011007202916/naughtychat.com/events/kikolee/



Kiko Lee 11/25/97

This is an edited transcript from a moderated discussion with Kiko Lee on Tuesday, November 25, 1997 at 10PM ET in the Naughty Chat Auditorium. The event lasted a total of about an hour and fifteen minutes, after which Kiko entertained and chatted casually in the Bound to Please Dungeon.

Moderator: Hello, and welcome to NAUGHTY Chat's second live event! We have with us today a special guest whom many of you are familiar with. She's the design director of Wasteland, an online BDSM commercial site. She has her own web page, at http://www.wasteland.com/kiko/, where she explores her interest in BDSM and the Kama Sutra. And now, without further ado, we're pleased to present Kiko Lee!

KikoLee; Hi - Kiko here! Thanks to everyone for coming, and to NAUGHTY Chat for having me by. This promises to be a memorable evening for all. (Just don't drop your keys - you might get spanked!)

Moderator: Okay Kiko, let's get the first question from the audience.

Moderator: Laura asks, Do you find running a BDSM site exciting? Do you worry about getting busted?

KikoLee: Yes - it's always a stimulating and fascinating experience. Between working with the photographers, film makers, authors and those involved in power exchange policitcal activism, there's never a dull moment. As for the legality, all of our material is legal in North America and most of Europe, so this has not been an issue.

KikoLee: smiles.

Moderator: Rugr9 asks, Why BDSM and the Kama Sutra?

KikoLee: Actually, it was a creative lark! I had been publishing erotic and fetish photography on the net for years and needed something fresh. I think that combining these two very different cultural traditions has surprised many people (I like shock and confusion.)

KikoLee: grins evilly.

Moderator Bethany1 asks, Is your interest in BDSM financial or pleasure? If both, which draws you the most?

KikoLee: My main interest in BDSM and fetishism is from the photographer's lens - hence PLEASURE! I have worked in a lot of media in the past and find the use of the human body in bondage and restriction to be one of the most dramatic subject matters I've ever dealt with. Also, I occassionally like to go to BDSM play parties as they are very fun and you meet some very genuine people there!

Moderator: Mckiso asks,Are you still attending NYU?

KikoLee: I am just finishing my thesis this semester (and probably next as well) which has allowed me to move back home to the Boston area. I love this area -- New York is a great experience, but I find the ocean and mountains to be very sensuous and calming for my creative work.

Moderator: Cory asks, What could a first-timer expect to enjoy from a bdsm site?

KikoLee: Probably the images. Yes, there are a lot of 'adult nudity sites' out there, but for some reason, bondage leaves a lasting impression (no pun intended) on the viewer. This also depends on the type of site -- they range from graphics intensive to FAQ's and how-to guides.

Moderator: Jal asks, You have really nice photos on your site. Where can I find more like these?

KikoLee: Not to be a shameless self producer, but Wasteland is where all of my graphics come from. We contract photographers such as Todd Friedman, Craig Morey and many other very talented photographers.

Moderator: Ah, Todd Friedman, he does excellent work. we have a page showcasing some of that work at NAUGHTY Chat, at http://naughtychat.com/events/toddfriedman/pictures1/ -- but I digress. The next question Kiko...

Moderator: Titqueen_97 asks, How did you get an interest in BDSM?

KikoLee: I was about 19 years old and had just moved to New York -- I had been dating a man at that time that introduced me to erotic power exchange, and though it was just between us at the time, I found it to be one of the most trusting, loving and orgasmic experiences I had ever had. The rest is history.

Moderator: ShyKris asks, How did you first get connected with Wasteland, and how do you like it so far? By the way, you do great banners!

KikoLee: I was home last X-mas visiting my family and went to a scene party. At the party I met the couple who are the managing editors for Wasteland. Interested in what they were doing, I volunteered to do a short photoshoot and put up a gallery of 'Boston coeds in bondage' (sort of a concept piece!). They liked it so much they continued to give me new projects, and over the past year I have become their full time design director (I even get paid!!!!).

Moderator: Cory asks, Which do you find more fulfilling about the Karma Sutra: the physical or the spirtual side?

KikoLee: Actually, the mystical side. As the Kama Sutra comes from the same esoteric traditions as tantra, I find this to be a very deep and complex area of study. If you work with it, it can be truly transcendental -- particularly if combined with some forms of power exchange and restraint.

Moderator: Sogetsu asks, What sort of activities do you like to do on-line besides web-surfing and web-page design?

KikoLee: Good question! Actually, I spend so much time on the web doing my sites that when I'm done all I really want to do is curl up with a good book, or a good lover, whichever is available at the moment!

KikoLee: grins evilly. Moderator Slamet asks, As a BDSM lover, do you prefer being object or the subject?

KikoLee: Primarily, I like to be the photographer and choreographer, but if I read your question right, I am a dom.

Moderator: Mckiso asks, Is Kiko Lee your real name or a name you picked up later on? Also, how did you get a name like Lee from your background?

KikoLee: Actually, it is my father's name that he took when he immigrated to the U.S. from Japan -- he had a very difficult Japanese name, and Lee seemed to be both common and acceptable, so there it is -- I am suddenly Chinese!

Moderator: Mckiso asks, Are you married? Where would you like to go after this?

KikoLee: I am single and am going out for a martini after the show (tee hee). Just kidding -- I hope to make a living as a graphic designer, freelance as well as progressing as a photographer (artsy).

Moderator: DoME asks, I'm a GAP model how would I go about getting into porn of any kind?

KikoLee: This is a tricky business -- I would recommend that you find a reputable photographer to do a nude portfolio, and then use that portfolio to approach a reputable agent (an oxymoron perhaps?). If you want, send me a bit of e-mail and maybe I can give you some direction in this matter. Please do, however, be very careful. The adult industry is very unforgiving if you are not prepared for it.

Moderator: What is your e-mail address, Kiko, for those interested?

KikoLee: Oops! My e-mail address is kiko@wasteland.com.

Moderator: Cory asks, Do you make live apperances? How can we get your schedule?

KikoLee: No, I am not a live performance artist. I do occassionally have gallery hangings of my photography and multimedia and keep a posting of this schedule at www.wasteland.com.

Moderator: DoME asks, What exactily is BDSM?

KikoLee: Short for bondage-discipline / sado-masochism, it's more commonly referred to by people involved as 'erotic power exchange'. In this, two or more people commit to a set of rules, and within this structure, explore the boundaries of trust, power release, pain, submission and mature use of power.

Moderator: Bethany1 asks, Can you explain why pain in the correct way can be pleasure and stimulating?

KikoLee: It has a lot to do with adrenaline and seratonin highs -- this type of activity stimulates certain brain hormones and can literally take you out of your body if the build-up is right and the partner is handling the situation in a loving and pleasurable manner.

Moderator: Hetch asks, How did you finally manage to transfer all you stuff from your old drive to your new one?

KikoLee: I take it you are referring to our move to a new server! YIKES! It was a real project. Most of the data was downloaded directly over a T3 fiber optic line, but there was so much stuff there (about 3 gigs) it still took about 2 days.

Moderator: Sissyman asks, Does your site deal with BDSM in all possible gender combinations?

KikoLee: Yes! Though the main focus is fem-dom, I like to feature all possible combinations of loving.

Moderator: Guest313 asks, When did you become aware of the Kama Sutra?

KikoLee: I read the Kama Sutra first when I was about 16 years old as a 'pillow book' (old Asian tradition which mothers use to introduce their daughters to sex). I was fascinated and have always liked its images. Also, it gave me the 'one-up' on many a young men when I first became sexually active!

KikoLee: grins evilly.

Moderator: Mckiso asks, Regarding a previous question. To clarify, I meant what is your career goal after Wasteland?

KikoLee: I hope to establish myself as a freelance graphic designer as a base, and try to do as much erotic and art photography as possible as a creative focus.

Moderator: ShyKris asks, Is any of your photography available on the Wasteland site?

KikoLee: Yes, I have several galleries there -- mostly gothic and black / white artsy images.

Moderator: Nycman37 asks, Where do you find out about bondage in NYC?

KikoLee: I would first and foremost recommend that you contact the Euginspeil Society for their calander of events. They are one of the oldest and largest organizations in the country and publish a regular newsletter that lists many functions, parties and scene clubs in the area. They have links all over the web -- if you can't find them, drop me an e-mail.

Moderator: Mckiso asks, How long you planning on staying with us? I wish you could just come into the normal chat so we could chat like everybody else...

KikoLee: I plan to drop by the 'Bound To Please Dungeon' after this event for a bit. See you there!

Moderator: ShyKris asks, How much of your day is spent on answering email?

KikoLee: About 2 hours every morning over coffee. I get about 200 pieces a day and try to answer each one with as much personal attention as I can.

Moderator: Guest341 asks, How do you avoid rope burn?

KikoLee: Vaseline and vinegar! I'm not kidding! Use Vaseline to get the skin moist before bondage, and vinegar afterwards to reduce swelling and skin irritation.

Moderator: Sogetsu asks, What do you like to read, who's your favorite author?

KikoLee: T.S. Elliot is my favorite poet, and lately i've dropped into pulp fiction as my main source of prose.

KikoLee: frowns.

Moderator Joe9 asks, Earlier you mentioned BDSM parties. How do you get invited to these?

KikoLee: Generally, you find a 'public event' sponsored by a local BDSM club -- these usually take place in a bar or club. Once there, you meet people and 'get into the loop' -- this usually resulting in an invitation to a party.

Moderator: Guest341 asks, Any plans to visit Paris soon?

KikoLee: I love Paris in the spring! Actually, I am planning on being in Germany next summer and will likely spend a few days in Paris on the way back! (love your city!)

Moderator: ShyKris asks, How much of a crew do you have working at Wasteland?

KikoLee: There are 6 full time people here to publish the 'zine, 6 part-time folks doing links and such, 5 associcate authors, 7 photographers and 3 guys who beat on the server to keep it running. It's actually quite an operation now that I think about it!

Moderator: Mr.Quality asks, Where do you draw the line between visual interest and personal limits in bondage art?

KikoLee: When I am doing a photoshoot or choreographing a piece of performance art, the boundaries are very strict. On the other hand, with friends things are, well, friendly!

Moderator: Mckiso asks, You said you are a 'dom'. Your pictures are mostly woman as subs. Have you ever been a sub?

KikoLee: I have experimented with this a bit, but the hat just didn't fit -- I found myself breaking out in laughter too much and it tended to get my partners angry!

KikoLee: smirks. Moderator Sogetsu asks, T.S. Eliot, hmm, "I should have been a pair of ragged claws..." Is the Wasteland named for his poem, "The Wasteland"? (I prefer W. B. Yeats myself, though...)

KikoLee: Yes, it is named after the poem! You win some sort of prize for that literary reference Sogetsu!

Moderator: Guest341 asks, Have you ever been physically hurt (or emotionally) during any of your BDSM experiences, and if so how do \ you hope to avoid this in future?

KikoLee: No, I have never been hurt. Once, I had a good scare when experimenting as a sub, but this has not ever really been an issue. When you participate in a bdsm 'scene' it is always talked through and agreed upon prior to beginning (sometimes, there is an actual written contract to keep things VERY clear), and as the entire thing is based on trust, it's generally a great experience.

Moderator: ShyKris asks, Are all of the photographs in Wasteland produced 'in-house' so-to-speak?

KikoLee: No, most of the photography is done by photographers we have contacted for specific projects. We do a lot of 'in-house work' but really like to keep the variety of using fetish and erotic photographers from different parts of the world and artistic perspectives.

Moderator: Mckiso asks, A written contract for sexual contact with someone you care about? How does this work?

KikoLee: In a nutshell, it defines what is and what is not acceptable during the session. It also defines nonverbal signals that the sub, or 'bottom' may provide to let the 'top' know that it is time to slow down, pause, or increase the intensity.

Moderator: Mr.Quality asks, Do you think India's sexual practices are given a bad name by less refined bondage displays?

KikoLee: In reference to the Kama Sutra? You have to remember that this was written in a very differenent cultural and spiritual context and, at the time and place, was very 'high minded'. Now, however, you can very easily mistake it for cruel sexual domination of women.

Moderator: Sogetsu asks, I think it is interesting that you like to be a Dom. Do you think that people who like to hold the whip are 'type A' personalities, generally?

KikoLee: Yes, I think that would be a fair assessment -- type A's with a feel for timing.

KikoLee: laughs. Moderator Sugardaddy_o asks, What nationality of Asian are you?

KikoLee: Nationality... half Japanese, half Indian - I came to the U.S. as a young girl, so i guess the answer is 'mutt'!

KikoLee bows gracefully.

Moderator: Okay, I believe that's all the time we have for this evening, but I'm sure many of you are curious about the contest! What are you giving away, Kiko?

KikoLee: A one-year subscription the Wasteland, retail value $49.95 (eek! it is x-mas time - date with kiko not included...tee hee)

Moderator: Excellent prize, Kiko! Okay, to enter the contest, you need to answer a little trivia quiz. To enter, go to the URL http://naughtychat.com/contests/kikolee/.

KikoLee: Ok, I'm off to the NAUGHTY Chat dungeon now -- follow me over if you'd like!

Moderator: Thank you for joining us tonight Kiko, it's been a pleasure having you speak tonight!

Everyone: applauds KikoLee fervently.

Moderator: That's all for tonight folks, thank you for joining us!


Colin has since taken off his Kiko dress and now simply runs Wasteland.com, one of the only bdsm sites left that don't look like everyone elses! Affiliate Program at Spicecash.com for anyone looking outside the box.